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The Brothers Sun Episode 7 Recap, Summary and Explained

The Brothers Sun Episode 7: The Brothers Sun is an American action-adventure comedy-drama series that is now streaming on Netflix and is created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu In episode 6, we see that Charles is out of danger and he reveals the secret about risk and we find that Alexis monitors.

In this article, I am going to recap episode 7 of this show and I will cover all the details along with the ending explained and the plot along with some details which you miss in the show this show is written by Kevin Tancharoen and is directed by Jason Ning.

In episode 7, titled, “Gymkata”, where we see Mama Sun come to Eileen’s home and bring Charles’s friends and being hired muscle for the Jade Dragons. Xing sells them out, and Ba admits to faking his coma and he admits to being the mole for Ba but this could be due to Ba reaching out to Xing after Eileen informed her about her plans.

After that, we see that Ba takes over again and announces Charles will take his place and be elected the Dragon Head and we see that he also wants to take Bruce back to Taiwan and is enticed by the Sun family’s connection in the movie business where Mama Sun relents to keep Bruce in America.

Later, we see that he is surprising him to show up and offers Grace the heads of the Triads in town for not killing him Where Charles takes Bruce’s jacket by mistake and leaves Alexis’ phone at home which causes Alexis to be unaware of the meeting’s location.

The Scene shifts to the election Where Eileen announces she wants to be the new Dragon Head but Bruce feels guilty when he calls June and TK to the hotel, where Alexis can see the phone’s location, revealing Charles’s location.

At the last of episode 7, we see that Bruce sees a bomb buried in the conference room he throws it down a garbage shoot, causing a bloody fight between the police, Triads, and Boxers Eileen escapes with Bruce, and June kills Grace for her sister May where Ba was angry and even told Charles to kill himself, but he refused.

This is all about the details of episode 7 along with the summary and the ending of this show. Which covers all the details about the show. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show in the comment.

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