The Brothers Sun Ending Explained: The Brothers Sun is an American action-adventure comedy-drama series and was created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. At the last of episode 7, we see that Bruce can find the bomb that is being planted in the conference room and we find that Ba is angry.

In this article, I am going to recap episode 8 of this show where I will cover all the details along with the ending and summary of this episode and the plot along with some details which you miss in the show whereas this show is written by Kevin Tancharoen and is directed by Brad Falchuk & Byron Wu.


In episode 8 which is the last episode of this show and is titled, “Protect the Family”, where we find that Alexis aims for information from arrested Frank Ma and agrees to cooperate only if Big Sun is arrested Bruce and Eileen hide in a motel, and Eileen becomes angry and wants to be the Dragon Head.

Later, we see that Charles attacks Bruce but is unable to pull the trigger Eileen stops Charles and reveals that Big Sun has sent him to kill Bruce and tries to convince Charles to stand up to Big Sun where Eileen and Charles think it won’t be easy and Charles takes Bruce’s advice and confronts Big Sun.

After that, we see that police arrest Charles after a gunshot, and Xing who is the head of a Dragon Head threatens Eileen to move away. Eileen shows her combat skills and kills Xing, while Bruce arrives home with canned milk and he tries to let him go but Eileen refuses and performs a performance to win sympathy and secure a private meeting with Charles.

Ending Explained

At the last of this episode, we see that Charles gives Bruce the location but Bruce tells Alexis that the Brother’s Sun will not work with cops he finds his father and takes out his gun, impressing Big Sun where he offers Bruce to go back to Taiwan with him and take Charles’s place and show ends.

This is all about the details of episode 7 along with the summary and the ending of this show. Which covers all the details about the show. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show in the comment.



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