The Brothers Sun Episode 2 Recap: The Brothers Sun is an American action-based black comedy Netflix series that is created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu in the last of episode 2, we see that Bruce finds out about his family’s gangster background and faces challenges in Los Angeles and he also selling drugs at a nightclub.

In this article, I am going to recap episode 2 of this show which was written by Kevin Tancharoen and directed by Byron Wu In this article, I will cover all the details and what happened in episode 2 along with the plot and ending explanation in this article.

In episode 2 of this show, titled, “Favor for a Favor”, where we see that Mama Sun dismembers the body of Charles after his first visit, and on the other side Bruce prepares for his university exam and asks Bruce to deliver the body parts to a bald man in Arcadia and the man is a backstabber and leaks Charles’ location to Sunny Chan’s men.

After that, we see that their plans to trip to Arcadia become a bonding moment for the brothers and allow Bruce to answer questions about their father’s wealth and the motives behind their family’s disappearance and then, we see that Charles reveals that their father is a member of the Jade Dragon Society which is a triad with roots in the Qing Dynasty.

Where we see that the triad which is a group of gangsters, is divided into different factions and is ruled by gangsters dealing with various illegal activities and we find that Charles who is also a member of the triad, is in the crosshairs of Sunny Chan who is a triad player and he arrives at a mansion in Arcadia.

At the end of episode 2, we see that Charles is stabbed by a gang of dinosaur-clad goons before sharing any valuable information and Alexis tracks Charles down to his college and finds him holding the killer’s head and sharing a history as old friends and the episode ends.

This is all about the details of episode 2 along with a recap and ending explained and hope you able to find your details and let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.

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