Bruce Sun In ‘The Brothers Sun’: The Brothers Sun is an American action thriller black comedy-drama series which is now streaming on Netflix whereas this show was directed by Mikkel Bondesen and Kevin Tancharoen and it follows Charles Sun, the eldest son of the Sun Family, who must travel to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother after his father is shot by a mysterious assassin.

In this article, I am going to talk about the second main lead cast of this show named Bruce Sun who is the youngest son of the Sun family and more where I will cover all the details about this character in this article.

In this show, we see that Bruce is the youngest brother of the Sun family and is oblivious to their criminal underworld ties until his brother Charles arrives in Los Angeles and we find that Bruce is a driver and also a college student where he is struggles to find his purpose in life and tries to pay for his attention in education and pursue his dream of acting.

We find that Bruce is a brilliant student and uses his tuition money to take improved classes at the local Groundlings in Los Angeles where her mother is unaware of his doing where we see that the school also warns him of potential expulsion if he doesn’t pay back. He asks his best friend named TK for a side job selling weed to pay for college.

Later, we see that Bruce investigates a dead body in their living room and the family’s actions. Where Charles who is a police officer and are urges Bruce to become more involved while Eileen insists on focusing on school. Charles takes Bruce on a journey to identify the corpse and he sees his brother face to face with the cops and causes a scene.

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In this show, Sam Song Li portrayed the role of Bruce Sun whereas we have already seen him in different popular movies where we see him as Netflix’s popular adult show named Never Have I Even and also some popular shows including Better Call Saul, Take The Night, and more.



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