The Brothers Sun Episode 4 Recap and Explained: The Brothers Sun is an action-adventure black comedy-drama series created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. At the end of episode 3, we find that June discovers a thug from the Red Ribbon Gang and Mother Sun in the Giant’s apartment, and she convinces Charles to let her take care of Tang for revenge.

In this article, I am going to recap episode 4 of this show, which was written by Kevin Tancharoen and directed by Justin Calen-Chenn & Soojeong Son. I will cover all the details along with the plot and ending explanation of this episode in this article.

In episode 4 of this show, titled “Square,” we see that Mama Sun announces her plan to meet Sleepy Chan and his son named Drowsy Lee. She plans to meet Korea Town, and we see that Sleepy Chan is a powerful triad figure and is in conflict with Big Sun for control of the Jade Dragon Society.

Later, we see that Sleepy Chan and Mama Sun must attend, and the meeting is arranged at Ka-Spa, which is an open public spot that leaves little space for tricks. Charles insists that Bruce learn the triad ways, but Mama Sun opposes and wants Bruce far away from the scene.

After that, we see that Drowsy informs Charles that Sleepy agrees to all demands except for Mama Sun’s absence at the triad meeting, where Sleepy wants Mama Sun to be present to prove the Sun family’s incapability to show the Red Dragon Triad. Mama Sun agrees but pledges to kill Sleepy if he finds proof of his involvement.

Charles asks Bloodboot to take care of his family if he doesn’t make it out alive, and Sleepy clarifies that he is not targeting the Sun family and other triad members but is killed by the same Red Ribbon gang members.

At the end of episode 4, we see that Charles and Drowsy are having a big fight where Drowsy loses his life when one of the gang members detonates a hand grenade, and the episode ends.

This is all about the details of episode 4 along with a recap and ending explained. I hope you like it, and let me know in the comment box how much you like this show and if you are excited for the next episode.

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