Sunflower Season 2 Ending Explained: Zee5’s original series ‘Sunflower’ is back with season 2 and like season 1, the show is full of fun, suspense and thrill. The show again ends with lots of answered questions and here we are going to explain the ending of the show.

The last episode of the show starts with Tailor handing over the Teddy full of Cash and Gold Chains to the Police. DG and Tipnis start looking more deeply into the Cash and Jewelry. On the other hand, Sonu reaches the broker, and there he makes a deal to sell the flat with a House broker.

DG sees some glitter on the notes, and he immediately realizes that these notes are from EXODUS bar where Rosie used to work, and these notes are given by Rosie for sure. DG also finds another bundle of notes whose serial number matches the notes that were found at the Murder place.

Radha reaches the Police station by Using the window of her bathroom, and there she tells the Police that Rosie and Sonu are Planning to sell the flat and they are also planning to leave India, Sonu has even booked tickets to the Maldives too.

In the office, Sonu gets a Hamper full of Cosmetics from her HR. DG and Tipnis start a discussion on the case and end up with the conclusion that KAPOOR used to do Money Laundering for Rosie. Rosie used to send Black Money in a Chinese Food box to Kapoor. On the other hand, we get to see that Sonu Gifts the Hamper full of lipstick to Rosie and asks her to Put the lipstick on her lips. Rosie does the same, and when she is counting the notes and touching her tongue, Sonu warns her not to do so. Sonu also tells Kapoor was murdered like this.

Sunflower Season 2 Ending Explained

Rosie immediately realizes that Kapoor died due to Poisoned notes which were given to her by Kapoor’s wife. We get to see a flashback where we see Kapoor’s wife give the money to Rosie to Provide evidence against Kapoor’s affair and those notes contain Poison.

The story now jumps to the present where we get to see that the Police reached the Sunflower Society, and all of sudden something fell on the Top of the Police Jeep, DG and Tipnis were shocked to see that it was Rosie.

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Rosie fell from the top of her balcony on the Police Jeep. DG and the policemen go upstairs, and there they find out that Sonu is in the bathroom and he has no idea about Rosie’s death. On the Other Hand, police start looking into the stuff of Sonu, and there they get to know that the real name of Sonu is “Shashwat Lamba.” Everyone is shocked to know his real name, and the episode ends here.

Who Kills Rosie? & Who Is Shashwat Lamba?

Season 2 ends with many unanswered questions. Here we will try to cover them one by one.

The First question that may come to mind that, who Kills Rosie? The answer is not that simple. As the show ends at an opening Ending, There are two theories which tell us about the Killer of Rosie.

There are high chances that Rosie was Killed by Sonu. If you watch Closely, Just before giving the Hamper to Rosie Sonu changes the Lipstick from the Hamper and gives it to Rosie to use it. When Rosie uses that Lipstick she asks Sonu if there is something wrong in this and this tastes different.

There are high chance that the lipstick contains poison and after using it when Rosie was talking to Kapoor’s wife in the Balcony on the Phone, She may become unconscious and then fall from the Balcony. Sonu wants to Kill Rosie as he has been heartbroken since the night when he saw Rosie working as a Bar Dancer.

There may be another theory that, It was All the Plan of Sonu’s HR who gave the Poisoned lipstick Hamper. She was heartbroken and angry at Sonu as Sonu was Planning to Marry Rosie and that’s why she wanted to Kill Her.

Now, here comes another question. Who was Shashwat Lamba? In the beginning of season 2 itself, we get to know that Sonu’s real name is Shashwat Lamba, and he is from Punjab. There is another newspaper cutting which shows that Sonu is Mentally ill. There are high chance that Sonu is a Psychological Killer, and he has run away from the Mental Hospital.

It all depends upon the makers now, and we have to Wait for season 3 of the show to get to know more about Shashwat Lamba and his Past.

Hope this clears the Sunflower Season 2 ending and Rosie Murder. What do You think about it? Please let us know in the comments.

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