The Impossible Heir Episode 2: Disney presents a youth drama with twelve episodes. Disney is back with another business drama after sensational hit drama like Reborn Rich. This show focuses on the life of three youngsters who are on their way to achieving bigger goals in their lives. The show has a package of thriller, business, love and friendship.

Episode 2 opens with a conversation between Han Taeo and Na Hye Won. Both of them were drinking on the terrace, Hye requested Taeo’s help to build up her future, but without any hesitation, he declined her request. He walked out of the conversation and went outside to get some air. When he came back to his house, he saw Kang Inha eating noodles inside his house.

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The next day morning, Kangoh’s family was eating breakfast, and Inha’s little sister asked her father to call Kang Inha to the family meeting on Saturday. Her relatives opposed her wish, but the chairman told his secretary to arrange the meeting. Later, the chairman called Kang Inha in the morning and invited him for the family gathering which was scheduled for Saturday.

Han Taeo and Kang Inha talked about the possibilities of getting into the inner circle of the Kangoh family. The stepmother already took the signature of Kang Inha on the inheritance waiver document a few days ago, the chairman found out about it and he showed objection. He was planning on buying a law firm to cover the legal sides, he made his legal attorney take charge of the firm.

At the same time, Han Taeo’s project about the Kangoh group’s future plans got approved by one of the family members, and his professor illegally shared it with them for credits. The next day, Han Taeo went to his part-time job, and Kang Inha took his sister to a luxury hotel for dinner. He unexpectedly met Na Hye won at the hotel, she is working as a waitress at the hotel. His sister talked a few things with Na Hye Won which includes Han Taeo’s friendship.

Kang Inha went to the family meeting at his house, Bisunjae. His elder brother and stepmother caused trouble for him at the house. They talked very much about him, but his sister got triggered by their behaviour. She defended him and her mother slapped him on her face. Later that night, she left home secretly and called Han Taeo.

He came and talked about the situation, then called Kang Inha to pick up her to Bisunjae. Na Hye won also came to the spot and four of them left on a car, Kang Inha dropped Taeo and Hye won at their home, later dropped his sister also.

Han Taeo motivated Kang Inha to act innocent for some time in front of the chairman and his family, with such behaviour he can go to heights in the future. Na Hye Won’s mother is working on a club, there she saw some dirt money of thugs. She stole it and left the place. Later, the thugs came to the college and tortured Na Hye to repay the money. While they tried to harass her, Han Taeo came in and protected her. Later, then had a conversation about her problems.

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She got mad at him for not supporting her when she asked him. Kang Inha heard about the incident and suddenly came to her and hugged her. Slowly they started kissing each other, the same time Han Taeo was there too. He felt sad and left the college. During the night, Na Hye Won tried to leave the place to stay at Kang Inha’s house, but Han Taeo opposed her decision because he had a crush on her. The ended with Na Hye Won standing outside Han Taeo’s house crying, while Han Taeo was standing inside his home attending Kang Inha’s call.

Overall the second episode ends with an emotional mood. The story changes into a triangle love mood between Na Hye won, Han Taeo and Kang Inha. The drama got pretty serious and went far from the fun mood on the starting episode. The drama got messed up with love and friendship in this episode.



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