'Sonya Singh' In "Criminal Records" Actress Name - Character Explained

‘Sonya Singh’ In “Criminal Record” Actress Name – Character Explained

‘Sonya Singh’ In “Criminal Records” Actress Name: “Criminal Records” is an ongoing British Crime Thriller drama series currently streaming with 3 episodes. We have posted recaps; do check them out. As an Apple TV+ show, it generated a decent hype but not up to the mark.

The show is streaming on a weekly basis, and we will post weekly recaps of this Crime Thriller drama show. Audiences are curious to know more about the characters of this show, so here we’re covering the characters of this show. Now, we will talk about the character Sonya Singh.

Sonya Singh is the first woman who came in contact with Lenker. When Lenker was investigating Maria’s case, she also had an interaction with Sonya Singh. Sonya said to Lenker that she will give her full support, but in return, she also has to help Sonya. When Lenker heard this, she left that cafe. Sonya had many sources from where she can get information.

Sonya also had a lot of information about Errol Mathis. Errol Mathis has been in jail for 24 years. Sonya was the woman who gave the current address of Clive to Lenker. Sonya is fully trying to help her, but Lenker still didn’t help her out. Lenker knows what kind of problems are going on in Sonya’s life.

Sonya is a sharp and intelligent woman, but she’s dealing with some problems for which Lenker isn’t comfortable to help her out. But in the show, it wasn’t revealed what Sonya exactly wants from Lenker. It will be shown in future episodes. We will keep you updated with upcoming episode recaps. Do check out previous episode recaps also.


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