Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata (The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic) Episode 2 Recap and Explained: “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” is an ongoing Japanese fantasy adventure drama series currently streaming with 2 episodes. As of now, the show is running every week. We have already posted a recap of the 1st episode; do check it out.

The second episode starts with the same castle, and the people with Usato wake him up. On the other side, his friends find him and say, “We thought you were abducted.” They were very worried about him, but they find him.

Usato tells his friends about the training, which is about to start soon. His friends say they will also start the training on the same day. Inukami and Kazunami get so much motivation from Usato. They leave, and Ms. Rose opens the door. After seeing Ms. Rose, he gets scared. Ms. Rose gives him a book in which he has to write the daily record of his training and what he feels about it.

It was the first day of training, and Usato thought in his mind that Tong and the others told him that training would be hell. Ms. Rose starts telling him about focus and workouts. Ms. Rose gives him a book that he has to read, which was in another language, but when Usato opens the book, it is automatically translated in his mind.

After that, day 2 comes in, and he is running on mountains. On day 3, he is still running. Ms. Rose shows him the healing powers, and Usato starts running again. The other people with whom he is living also run with him. Ms. Rose is strict throughout the whole training. It is the 6th day of his training, and he sees that his hands are producing healing power, now in green light.

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Day 7 comes, day 8 comes, day 9 comes, and his healing powers are getting more developed day by day. Usato is running the whole day, and Ms. Rose tells him that he has to add 30 laps to his daily routine.

It is the 12th day of training, and his progress is commendable. His healing powers are rising more day by day. After one week, Kazuki and Inukami come to visit Usato. They see him in the middle of the forest doing very high-weighted pushups on the ground. Usato feels more powerful as his healing powers are automatically healing him. The King asks Ms. Rose what exactly she is doing, and Ms. Rose says she’s doing things in her own way.

Ms. Rose also says that Usato is going to become her right-hand man. When Usato hears that, he is shocked. Rose gives Usato a lunch break. On the other side, the king says to Kazuki and Inukami that he wants to talk to Rose in private. Usato, Kazuki, and Inukami are sitting together at that moment, and Usato meets Celia Vulgast Llinger, a princess. Usato is shocked when he comes to know about Llinger.

Llinger brings some food for them, and Kazuki asks Usato about his daily hard training. Usato says today’s training was very light compared to other days. Kazuki starts telling Usato about his training. Suddenly, a guy from Usato’s camp arrives at that place, and he and Usato fight. After that, Usato goes back home, and he sees that he has bulked up so much after this hard training.

After that scene, Ms. Rose assigns a task to Usato he has to go into the jungle and he won’t be coming back until he hunts a Blue Grizzle, which appears once in a hundred years. Ms. Rose throws him out, and he goes into the forest and episode 2 ends.

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