Daniel Hegarty In “Criminal Records” Actor Name: “Criminal Record” is a British-American Thriller Crime Drama series, currently an ongoing show available with 3 episodes. We have already posted a recap of episodes; do check it out on our site.

There is so much to explore about this series. “Criminal Record” is an Apple TV+ original show available in multiple languages with multiple language subtitles.

Daniel Hegarty, played by the very well-known actor Peter Capaldi.

Since the start of the show, Daniel is the most suspicious character of the Criminal Record. He’s hiding so many things since the start of the show. In the first episode, we can see him driving a cab. He’s talking to a guy who wanted to know about Daniel’s previous cases. He said to Daniel his life was good in solving crimes.

Daniel Hegarty is having some kind of problems with June Lenker. He tried hard to make Lenker stuck on officials so that no one can know about his past. Looks like Daniel Hegarty is related to Errol Mathis. Because of that, he’s trying to take the case away from Lenker because he knows that Lenker will somehow find the connection of the case. She already investigated the case so much.

But at the end of episode 2, Daniel played with Lenker, and now Lenker can’t access every information. When she came to know about the path report, Daniel started asking her questions, and she wasn’t able to give confident answers. Lenker came to know that someone is helping Daniel. Daniel is hiding about Patrick from everyone.

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