“Criminal Record” Series Episode 2: “Criminal Record” is an ongoing investigation Thriller Crime drama series streaming on Apple TV+ with 3 episodes. The show is available in multiple languages; English is the original language, and subtitles are also available. Do check out our recap of episode 1.

Episode 2 starts with a small recap of episode 1. We see that Lenker goes to the ninth floor; the team was coming, ETA was 3 minutes. Lenker entered the flat; she was seeing the whole house. On the ground, people assembled. Suddenly, one guy was spotted in the flat who had a French beard, and he was bald. He ran into the lift, and Lenker also went behind him.

They were having a fight in the lift. The bald man tried to choke her; he ran from the lift after beating Lenker, and the intro appears. Lenker was injured; she was taken to the hospital. Her boss was giving some photographs to her to identify that criminal, and she identified that bald guy; his name was “Clive Silcox,” he was registered in the database for various crimes.

Her boss said they will investigate this case further. On the other side, Daniel was still hiding something. In the hospital, Lenker’s husband and son arrived to meet her. Leo, her husband, went outside to see a doctor for her. Jacob, Lenker’s son, was posting pictures of June’s injury.

Lenker was discharged and went home. Lenker goes to many places to know details about Clive; she was investigating everything about Clive Silcox. After that, the next day, she goes to work again; on the other side, Daniel has gone to a secret place.


Lenker reaches a crime scene; Daniel is also present there. They were discussing Maria as well. Lenker told Daniel that she’s the one who came to know about the crime first. Daniel told her that she’s a victim of assault and she needs to rest. Both of them had an argument over the case.

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Lenker started listening to the voice tapes of Maria; Daniel was carrying Maria’s pictures, and he also had the same recordings. At the same moment, the boss called Lenker inside the cabin, and DI Markham handed Lenker a sheet in which her vehicle search history was there. She searched for those vehicles on which there aren’t any crimes registered and they weren’t related to any criminal or crime.

Markham told her to go through these details again and find a case registered because these are violations of rules. Lenker started researching about Erol Mathis; Lenker goes to a Zumba class for further investigation. When she entered another room, she saw pictures of Erol. She went to the lady in charge of that place and showed her a picture of Clive Silcox; the lady in charge was the mother of Errol Mathis. Mrs. Mathis told her to get out from that place because she thought she had some kind of trouble for Errol Mathis.

June Lenker In 'Criminal Record' Actress Name

On the other side, Daniel was having a meeting with a man; Daniel was telling him about Errol, Clive, and other criminals. He also told that Lenker is investigating it. Lenker called Sonya Singh and asked her about Clive Silcox. Lenker wanted some confidential information from Chloe. Daniel reached home and he saw something strange. On the next day, Sonya gathered some information regarding Doris, Errol, and Silcox that they went to school at St Academy.

June was going somewhere with Leo; she said to him that he was in trouble. They both went to see a football match of Jacob. She told about her mother to Leo; she was hiding it from Leo for a long time. Leo and June had an argument at that place.

June got aggressive; she wasn’t listening to Leo. June received a call regarding that she’s inquiring about Clive Silcox; June goes to a woman, Dawn Taylor. Dawn was acquainted with Clive Silcox; they both knew each other since 2018. She asked her where he could be found, and Dawn closed the door.

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And June found out that where Clive is, Clive was hiding in Dawn’s house. The house was on fire; Lenker was finding Dawn in the house. Lenker was helping everyone in the apartment to get out. Silcox was found by Lenker, and after that, Daniel also comes to the crime scene.

Chloe gave that confidential information to June, which was the pathology report of Maria. Daniel came into Lenker’s office. They came to the office to tell them that Clive Silcox confessed to the murder.

Lenker told Daniel that she wanted to ask some questions about Errol; June and Daniel were discussing Errol’s history. Lenker also raised the question of calls to Daniel, but Daniel was giving a counter answer to her every question.

Lenker told Daniel that Maria had 2 stab wounds, but suddenly Lenker got stuck when she said about injuries. The path Report was a confidential document, and Daniel was asking Viv that she shared it with Lenker, and she said no.

Daniel was asking Lenker how she came to know about the path Report; Lenker reached home, and she got a phone call regarding the interview. She got a chance to ask questions to Clive Silcox; Daniel was also present at the place. She shows the picture of Errol to Clive, that she knows him or not, and Clive was answering what he knows. The conclusion came that Clive Silcox knows both of them; one is Errol and one is another woman.

When she got out of that room, her boss told her that they were different women; both of them weren’t the same woman who called from PCO. Lenker was crying inside the washroom; Chloe came near to her, and Lenker said she was wrong. Chloe told Lenker that when Clive murdered Maria, Hegarty had the forensic report on the two calls fast-tracked overnight. Lenker was shocked; she was confused.

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Lenker came to know that it was all a game of Daniel, and Lenker got trapped in his game. Lenker was showing those recordings to Sonya Singh; Sonya told Lenker that there’s one person who can help Errol, and she is alive. Lenker said they are going to find her. We can see a woman after that episode 2 ends.

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