Colombian Forest Rescue Child

Soleiny Colombian Forest Rescue Child | Amazon Forest | Where She Is Now?

TMZ Investigates: The Miracle Children of the Amazon, the latest docu-series streaming on Hulu, tells us the story of how four children survived in the very dangerous forest of the Amazon for 40 days, including a one-year-old, with the oldest of them being 13 years old. The plane crash happened on the early morning of May 1, when Soleiny, nine years old, was traveling with his mother, father, and three other siblings in a single-engine plane. In the middle of the Amazon forest, their plane crashed due to engine failure.

Their mother, Magdalena Mucutuy, was the pilot of the plane and was behind the idea of leaving that place. The search team found the plane on May 16, two weeks after the crash, but the children were nowhere to be found. So they initiated a rescue operation named Operation Hope.

They found half-eaten fruits that were only found in the Amazon, and they learned that when they ran out of food, they also ate seeds. When they found them after almost 40 days, they discovered that their oldest sister Lesly knew the forest very well. When asked about how they survived, she told them that their mother was alive for four days and asked her to take care of her siblings before she died.

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Currently, the Colombian medical team is testing them, and they said that they are doing fine, although they are a little weak. But they will soon recover.


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