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Tien Noriel Colombian Forest Rescue Child | Amazon Forest | Where Are They Now?

Tien Noriel Colombian Forest Rescue Child: Tien Noriel, a four-year-old, survived a plane crash and then lived in the dense Amazon forest for almost 40 days. This is shown in the latest docu-series streaming now on Hulu. It all started on May 1 when his mother decided to move out from there because his father was constantly receiving death threats from a local mafia.

They planned to leave in an aircraft with Tien and his three siblings, along with three others, including his father. However, the plane crashed due to engine failure. When Colombian authorities found the plane almost two weeks later, they discovered only four dead bodies, but the children’s bodies were nowhere to be found. Instead, they found remnants of farina, a special type of fruit found in the Amazon forest.

The children belong to a tribal group, so they know the forest very well from a very early age. However, the main problem is that they are carrying a one-year-old child with them, which worries the authorities. They initiated an operation to search for them, named Operation Hope.

They found half-eaten fruits, which were only found in the Amazon, and they learned that when they ran out of food, they also ate seeds. Food boxes were constantly dropped from helicopters so that they could find them and eat them. Finally, after 40 days, they found them deep inside the dense forest.

Where Is She Now?

They are constantly beings monitored by the Colombian authorities as they are very weak because they are not eating properly for almost a month, so they are only hydrating with water as of now, but they are doing fine and after 2 weeks they can be discharged from the hospital.



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