Cristin Colombian Forest Rescue Child: The latest douc series shows us the story of a plane crash and how 4 siblings survived the crash for almost 40 days in the very dangerous forest of the Amazon, Cristin is one of them and is only 1 year old, this is all due to his older sister Lesly who guided them in the forest and keep them alive.

On May 1 their mother decides to move out from there but on the way, their one-engine plane crashed and all the 3 adults died in that, but when authorities came to find them they are not able to find the bodies of the children instead they found a milk bottle and half-eaten fruits and footprints going away from the crash site, so they started an operation and Gen.

Pedro Sánchez is leading that operation and after 40 days they found them all alive, according to general there are many factors that keep them alive first is their willingness to live, and the second is that they belong to a tribal group so they know the forest from a very early age, that which fruit to eat which to not and how to build shelter and keep away from dangerous animals.

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this all helped them survive in this forest which is filled with Cheetahs, Jaguars, and many venomous snakes, the older sister told them that her mother is also alive for 4 days but died and said to her to move away from here and take care of her siblings.

Where Is She Now?

As of now they are fine but speak too little as they are very weak and are not eating any food so doctors are monitoring them and giving them hydration according to them they are out of danger and will soon be able to continue their life.



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