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Which Passengers Had The Letter? – ‘1899’ Explained | Netflix

Which Passengers Had The Letter?: 1899 Season 1 has been a mind-bending journey and it is nothing short of what was expected from the creators of DARK. The show focuses on HUMAN Consciousness and unlocking its true potential and the whole show its 8 Episodes play throughout that.

There’s one thing that was unique about all those culturally different people who had boarded the Kerberos in pursuit of America, they had somehow gotten a letter that was similar in its cover and it had written on it “What Is Lost, Will Be Found”.

Here are the passengers that boarded the Kerberos who had gotten that very same letter.


Maura Franklin had gotten a letter from her brother Cianan to meet her in the US which also stated that he’s found what their father has been doing.

At the beginning of the 8th Episode, we get to meet all the people who had also gotten the same letter that Maura had gotten. Those people are

1). Eyk
2). Mrs. Virginia Wilson
3). Lucien: Since Lucien is dead by then, his wife Clemence had worn his clothes so she’s the one carrying that letter.
4). Tove
5). Ramiro
6). Ling Yi

The content of the letters varies from person to person as Maura’s contained a message from her brother Cianan so that would vary for other passengers.



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