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Sleeping Dog Schlafende Hunde Episode 5: The episode starts with Atlas waking up in the facility. He starts looking for a way out, but unfortunately, he gets caught. Later, he realizes it’s not that bad of a place.

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Tom tries to persuade Corinna into the Herries case as he finds similarities between these cases and the evidence involved, but Corinna thinks otherwise and removes him from the case. Tom and Jule work together, and Jule tells Tom that there’s some evidence of tampering as Atlas didn’t find Mussa’s hair. He was high on drugs during the whole process. Tom tells Jule that he needs to see Atlas.

Back in the facility, Atlas visits the doctor, and he tells him that his wife came by earlier and left him some stuff. She will be coming back next week with his daughter. The doctor tells him that his stay here is voluntary and that he can leave anytime he wants.

Atlas asks the doctor if there’s any computer he can use and starts looking at the pictures from the drive. There, he manages to find a mysterious figure in a hoodie following Herries. He starts getting paranoid and starts thinking, “What if it was him all along?” He panics and runs away from the facility. On the way to the station, he finds his daughter and asks her to stay away from him.

Tom and Jule are waiting for Atlas near the river, wondering if he’ll turn up. Tom states that he looked into Atlas’s file and found that he’s clean. Tom asks Jule if she’s free tonight. Later that night, Jule invites him over, and they talk about her mom and connect on other things. They spend the night together. On the other hand, Atlas had a pretty rough night. A car almost ran him over, but he manages to jump and escape. He visits the Benedictus Homeless Charity Center.

There, he finds out that Polyphemus was a homeless person who had died in a car accident on the night of the terrorist attack on the Christmas market. A friend of Polyphemus named Aldi saw him getting hit by a car on Rembergstrasse. But his body was found on the Christmas market as if he had been placed there.

On the other hand, the police found Joachim’s body in his car trunk, dumped in a river. Tom asked Luk if he knew the guy, and he says he had never heard of him before. But they came to know that there were two inquiries about the number plate of Joachim’s car, and one of them is Tom, and the other person is Luk. Meanwhile, Atlas is looking for Aldi. Upon asking some of the people in the center, he comes to know about his whereabouts and goes looking for him.

After searching a bit, he manages to get a hold of him and asks about the accident. In the middle of the conversation, Atlas gets flashbacks of his past and remembers exactly what happened that night. Corinna asks Jule to visit Abou in prison and get him to confess, for which they will offer him a reduced sentence of 5 years. After this, she gets a call from Tom and goes looking for him. Corinna finds Jule’s chamber empty and starts looking through Mussa’s case file.

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Tom warns Jule about Corinna. He thinks she might be in on it and asks her to do whatever she says so that she won’t be suspicious. Tom reveals he works for Internal Affairs, and Herries was his investigating judge and his mentor. Herries was very suspicious about the success rate they achieved against the gang, so he asked him to look into it, but he found nothing on Atlas’s team. Tom reveals that there’s a conspiracy, and they’re riding the street of the gang by whatever means necessary, and Herries was onto them. That’s why they killed him and pinned it on Mussa.

Atlas calls Luk and tells him he remembers everything, and he’s putting everything out there. To this, Luk shouts, “Don’t you dare!” And here the episode ends.


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