Sleeping Dog (Schlafende Hunde) Episode 1: Netflix original series Sleeping Dog is now streaming on Netflix and the show is getting decent Buzz all over the Globe. We are going to cover the Episode Wise recap of the show and here goes, Episode 1 Recap and Ending of the show.

The story of this series starts in a prison where we see a guy getting bullied by three cellmates and then giving him something mid-fight, which he hides in his pocket. Later, we find out that he has committed suicide.

Then we are introduced to Abou, the brother of Mussa, who has committed suicide in prison. Abou believes that Mussa’s suicide was caused by the man we met at the beginning of the episode, whom he beats and sets his van on fire. We later learn that his name is Atlas. Atlas is a former cop who has turned his back on the law and is living in a remote location.

Atlas then meets with an old man named Hartloff, who tells him that Abou is convinced that Atlas is responsible for Mussa’s death. Hartloff also tells Atlas that Mussa was in prison for providing evidence against Judge Herrera.

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We also meet a young prosecutor named Jule, who is assigned to the case of Mussa Basher’s death. Jule is determined to find out what happened to Mussa. She gets the security camera footage from the prison of Mussa’s visitors and finds that he met with two guys who might have some connection to his death. Jule then tries to meet with both of them to find out more. Jule meets with Idris’ father, who tells her that Abou is threatening Idris. Jule visits the other man from the security footage, but he refuses to talk to her.

Jule gets a call from an unknown person who asks her to meet them. Upon meeting him, she asks him about the tattoo Mussa carved on his chest before dying and finds out that it means Idris. Idris and Mussa love each other, and they were together the night Judge Herries died. If Idris confirms Mussa’s alibi, they would tell his father he’s gay. Upon knowing this, Jule requests to meet Idris.

They both go to meet Idris, and upon calling his phone, they find out someone killed him, and the episode ends.



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