Sleeping Dog Schlafende Hunde Episode 4: The episode starts with Jule getting away from the murder scene and getting into a car with Tom. He then brings her back to the scene, but they couldn’t find Joachim or his car, and there’s no sign of anything.

Atlas calls Jule, asking about Joachim. She tells him that he died last night and informs him about the Herries surveillance, asking about the photos. Upon hearing this, Atlas asks about the photos and then realizes Tinka might have them. Jule tells Atlas that Tinka called her and said she’ll be at the gym, and Atlas should meet her by the river if he found anything.

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Atlas visits Tinka at the gym and asks about Joachim. She tells him that he gave her that chess piece, and they both start looking at the chess piece, which is a thumb drive containing photos of Judge Herries. They find Luk meeting with Herries in the photos, and Tinka tells him that Luk is having an affair with her mother. They get into an argument following this. Atlas convinces Tinka that he will be back home after sorting all this out.

Meanwhile, Jule visits Chiara and asks her about the Herries surveillance, to which she replies that it was a regular customer who got jealous and asked her to do this so that he would be removed from the chief judge run. Jule asks her about the regular customer, to which she says he used a fake name called Sergei.

Jule finds out that the guy she’s sleeping with is Sergei and asks him about the whole thing, to which he admits that he did it out of jealousy and for promotion. Atlas visits Judge Herries’s wife and says he’s got something to show her. They both go inside the house, and Atlas shows her the photos from the surveillance and asks her about Luk and a logo in a document her husband is holding. She answers that it’s from Benedictus Homeless Charity.

Atlas asks her to tell him what’s in that document because he really needs to know. She shows him some documents and lets him take a look at them. Shortly after, she finds pills and a gun in his jacket.

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Atlas doesn’t find anything on those documents and asks her if there’s anything else that might help. She gives him some stuff, saying that they were the things he had on his desk. Looking into those, Atlas finds the document he was holding in that photo. It was something regarding a Polyphemus case.

In the middle of all this, Luk arrives and asks Atlas to come with him to a place where they can help him. They argue, and Atlas asks Luk about what happened back then with Herries and why he met Herries on his driveway. Luk replies, “For you, because he was onto you.”

Atlas asks, “What do I have to do with it?” to which Luk replies, “You don’t remember?” Atlas asks him about the Polyphemus case, and they get into a fight. The EMT guys intervene and take Atlas to a facility, and we see him lying on a bed.

That’s when the episode ends.



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