Sleeping Dog Schlafende Hunde Episode 2: The episode begins with a closer look at the scene of Idris’s murder. We see that he was shot in the head. Jule and the unknown caller, Niam, are at the police station being questioned.

If you think you are missing something, You may have a look at the recap of Episode 1 for a better connection and understanding of the Plot and story of the show.

Meanwhile, Atlas is sleeping on the streets and having hallucinations of the past as he can’t seem to remember exactly what happened back then. When he wakes up, he finds all his stuff has been missing, so he goes looking for them. We also find out that Atlas’s wife, Laura, is having an affair with Luk, Atlas’s friend from work.

Joachim, the other person from Jule’s prison security footage, is now trying to get hold of Atlas. He goes to Atlas’s daughter, Tinka, posing as a friend, and asks for her whereabouts. Tinka agrees to give him a call when her father calls her.

Atlas finds out about the death of Idris, and the police take Abou in for death threats against Idris. Jule tries visiting Joachim’s apartment where she finds a mysterious guy in a hoodie in his house and assumes it’s him. Then he starts running and eventually gets away from Jule. Atlas then visits Corinna (Jule’s boss) and asks her to reopen the Herries case. Jule is right outside the door, listening to these conversations, and decides to talk with Atlas.

Later, Jule gets to Atlas and shows him the footage from prison and asks him about Joachim. But Atlas doesn’t seem to recognize him. Atlas gets a call during this conversation from Joachim, and he starts tracking. Atlas gets suspicious and starts leaving. Jule stops him and gives him her details to reach her if he remembers anything.

Later, Joachim reaches the location but finds the phone in a dumpster. He then calls Atlas’s daughter and says he didn’t pick up his call and he’ll keep trying. Atlas calls his daughter and asks her about a friend of hers, Karina, and asks to talk to her. Tinka asks Joachim to pick her up so that she can help him surprise her father.

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Later, Atlas and Jule get to Karina’s place and show her the footage. She’s deaf, so she tries to make something out of the video by looking at them talking. They come to know that Joachim tried to threaten Mussa about killing Atlas. Atlas gets a call.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Atlas is told that his daughter has been kidnapped.



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