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Sleeping Dog Episode 6: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained | Schlafende Hunde

Sleeping Dog Episode 6: This episode opens with a conversation between Atlas and Tom, with Tom asking Atlas about his location. we are covering the Episode wise recap of ‘Sleeping Dog’ and here goes the Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained.

Atlas visits his daughter at the gym and tells her everything. He, Luke, and Socke were hanging out that night when they received a terrorist alert and decided to go. Luke and Socke were drunk, so Luke asked Atlas to drive, but he was high on drugs. While driving, Luke noticed Atlas’s odd behavior and asked him about the pill. Suddenly, a homeless guy showed up in front of their car, and they hit him.

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Upon checking, they discovered that the homeless guy was dead, and they started to panic. Atlas wanted to call it in, but Luke stopped him, and Socke planned to dump the body in the Christmas market with other bodies because of the terrorist attack. They believed no one would know what happened, and they would be safe.

After hearing all this, Tinka asked him what was going to happen. She warned Atlas that if he told anyone about this, he would go to jail. However, Atlas wanted to do the right thing, as he didn’t want to continue feeling the guilt he’s been experiencing. That’s why he had to leave his family.

Tom is waiting for Jule near the river while on a call with her. They’re waiting for Atlas to show up. Tom notices someone coming towards him and thinks it might be Atlas, but suddenly, there’s a sound of shots fired. Hearing the shots, Jule comes running and finds Tom dead. She screams in pain and calls for an ambulance.

Luke calls Atlas’s wife and tells her that if Atlas comes over, she should tell him he’s waiting for him on his boat. Later, both Tinka and Atlas show up, and Tinka tells her dad that he will go to the clinic tomorrow, and he can explain everything then.

Jule calls Tinka and asks for her father. Jule asks Atlas if Luke was with him at the scene when he was on drugs, to which Atlas says yes. Then Jule abruptly cuts the call. Atlas’s wife also tells him that Luke called earlier and asked him to come to his boat; he will be waiting.

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Luke is feeling guilty and plans to kill himself. Before doing so, he records a confession and takes multiple pills. Atlas arrives and finds him unconscious. He tries to make him vomit and calls for an ambulance.

After reaching the hospital, Atlas listens to the recording, in which Luke admits that he did all the Christmas market stuff out of jealousy and to secure a promotion. Herries had Aldi as a witness, which is why he visited him. Luke requests Atlas to keep Socke out of it.

Jule visits Abou in prison and asks him to confess in exchange for a reduced sentence of five years. To this, he replies that he didn’t shoot him. Jule says, “I know,” and informs him that neither he nor Mussa killed Herries. She tells him that both he and his brother are wrongfully accused of these crimes as part of a conspiracy by the prosecution and the police. She then asks for Abou’s help to confess so that she could gather more evidence. Abou agrees.

On the other hand, Atlas visits his old friend from forensics and asks him to verify the hair sample he obtained from the playground crime scene. They find out that it’s from a groundhog. Atlas realizes that it’s not Luke, but Socke because he’s the one who has a pet groundhog. Meanwhile, Jule visits the police station looking for Luke, but Socke tells her that he called in sick. After that, Jule leaves the station, and Socke starts following her.

Atlas calls Jule and tells her that he can give her all the information on the case, but she says the whole team is involved. She visited the station, and the guy there already knew Atlas’s name. Atlas asks her where she is and tells her to get into a taxi and meet him at the DA’s office, but she insists on meeting at her home instead.

Luke visits the station and learns that Socke has disappeared. He goes looking for him and puts his number on the tracker.

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Upon reaching home, Jule finds someone knocking on the door. Socke breaks in and pushes her against the wall, making her unconscious. Socke gets a pillow and points his gun at Jule to shoot her, but Atlas intervenes and stops him by looking at him. They have a conversation, and after a while, Luke enters as well. They both try to outsmart him, but Jule smashes a bottle on his head, rendering him unconscious. Before losing consciousness, he reveals that he committed all the killings to keep them from finding out about the Christmas market incident.

Abou is released from prison, Jule quits her job, Atlas has been doing community work and helping homeless people, and Luke finally takes his boat out. Everything gets sorted in the end. This is where the series comes to an end.



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