Skull Island Episode 7:: This episode provides the backstory of King Kong and a girl and their friendship and how it ended. We will also learn about the necklace. Let’s recap episode 7.

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In the past, we see a girl running in the forest while being chased by a skull monster. Suddenly, Kong appears and kills the monster. The girl and Kong live together on top of a mountain. The big bird brings meals for the King Ape and captures the dog and Charlie. One day, the girl and Kong witness the destruction of animals and their bodies on the ground, indicating that something evil is present.

Some people live on the island and also respect Kong. Sometimes Kong disobeys the girl, while other times he listens to her. One day, a group of chameleon monsters is eating animals, and Kong goes to kill them. One of the chameleons attacks the girl and throws her off. Kong tries his best to save her, but he fails.

The bird saves her instead. However, the story doesn’t end there. Another chameleon monster attacks the bird and takes the girl away, but she survives. After this incident, the girl is furious with King Kong and tells him, “You are not a king; you are just a stupid animal,” before leaving.

Later, we see Kong badly wounded, washing his blood in the river, which provokes the squid monster. Meanwhile, the girl and Kong are not speaking to each other, and the squid monster rises, killing anyone who approaches the water. The monster kills the girl in front of Kong’s eyes. In pain and sorrow, the giant animal looks at her while she says, “My king.” That’s how the girl dies, leaving behind the necklace she wore, which Kong keeps with himself.

In the end, Charlie plans to steal the necklace and throw it into the ocean. After hearing his idea, Annie smiles. Is it really a good idea or a bad one? Let’s find out in the final episode.



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