Skull Island Episode 3: A crocodile, a big dog, an island full of surprises and mysteries. Will Mike and Charlie survive? And how? Let’s recap episode 3. You have already covered Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show. So, you may check those episodes too.

It starts with the dog-like creature chasing Charlie and Mike, along with the guards. It’s the dog that Annie was talking about previously. While they are running, they get trapped in mud, and then a giant crocodile creature attacks them. They flow with the water and escape from there. But unfortunately, they end up going over a waterfall. At the bottom, they finally find relief, but the croc is still after them. In this dangerous situation, they are suddenly saved by a giant monkey.

But things are not over yet. On land, when they open their eyes, they find the dog creature and Annie with it. They have a conversation, and Charlie expresses that he desperately wants to leave this island. At sunset, Charlie talks with Annie, who confirms that a woman and her team are after her. Yes, she is talking about Irene. Annie reveals that she helped Cap and saved his life. Irene killed Annie’s family while Annie was trying to stop them, which led to the ship incident. On the other side, Cap and Irene find the guy who was attacked by Annie’s dog.

Now, Irene points a gun at Cap and asks him everything she wants to know. They continue moving along the side of the river. Irene reveals that near Skull Island, they found the girl Annie, who is extremely violent, and her best friend is a giant man-eating dog. That’s why Irene and her team are chasing her. Soon, while they are moving forward, they encounter a giant bird, and somehow they manage to escape.

Meanwhile, one of their team members fixes the tracker. But Cap wants to know what they are actually tracking. Later, a helicopter arrives to save them, but a tentacle destroys it. Irene then gets an idea to use Annie’s dog as bait, so that the bird will come down and take the dog, allowing them to safely take the girl with them.

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She also wants to kill the sea creature. This episode ends with Mike and Charlie. The series is becoming even more interesting. Let’s see what surprises await them.



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