Skull Island Anime Episode 1: Netflix Original presents an American animated adventure series “Skull Island” from the Monsterverse franchise. The series is created and written by Brian Duffield. Before discussing the episode-wise recap, let’s know about the summary of the series.

This series is based on the Monsterverse and tells us the journey of a group of explorers trapped on Skull Island where they encounter mysterious creatures along with King Kong and his enemy. Starting with a girl running on the ship, where everybody is trying to capture her.

It looks like she is trying to escape. After a full chasing sequence, she somehow manages to escape from the ship. She gets a speedboat and escapes from there. On the other side, Charlie, with his father Cap, is voyaging in the middle of the South Pacific to learn about mythical creatures. He is also quarreling with his father because he wants to go to college as their ship has been circling for a long time.

As his father said, nobody knows the people who are going to college, but the explorers who discover things have become famous for a long time. Since the boy doesn’t want this life, he wants to study. Later, he talks with Mike, and we get to know that Mike actually loves to enjoy the voyage and also wants to buy a new boat. Later, while standing on the deck, Charlie finds an overcoat with a girl lying over it.

Unconsciously, she finds her dog. When she wakes up, she sees men surrounded by her. Yes, this is the same girl who escaped from a shop. Later, Cap introduces himself and his child Charlie along with his mate Hiro and his son Mike. They offer her coffee, but as she has never drunk coffee before, she feels awful. The girl stopped frightened and admits that she escaped from a boat. We also see Boomer, but he is deaf. Some men are attacked on their ship. Later, the girl tells her name Annie to Charlie, and Charlie also says that they are on an expedition vessel to find mysterious creatures.

He also says that he and his team are searching for cryptids by charging them, which is basically a baby bomb. Annie also says that there’s a monster under the sea who destroyed the boat, so they should stop the bombing. But Cap says he has spent his whole life searching for something mysterious. Later, we see the masked bad guys attacking their boat. One of the guys, while walking on the deck to kill Boomer, is soon taken into the sea by a big tentacle. A giant squid-Kraken monster attacks their boat.

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Annie tells Charlie to leave and go to her island to save his son from that tentacle monster. Cap sacrifices his life. All the crew members scratch it, and the giant squid fully destroys the boat. Cap goes underwater, where he finds something brighter and mysterious too. When he feels difficulty in breathing, Annie saves him. On the other side, Charlie and Mike reach an island.

An island where they don’t know what is waiting for them. Let’s move on to the next episode to know what the island is.



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