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Skull Island Episode 2: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Skull Island Episode 2 Netflix Anime: We are covering the Episode Wise recap of Netflix’s recently released Animated Series Skull Island. If you are new to the Page, You may Check the Recap of Episode 1 of the show. Here goes the Recap of Skull Island Episode 2.

So, Mike and his father got to know about Skull Island. Wait, are both Mike and Charlie now on Skull Island? Ready for the adventure? With mysteries and secrets! Let’s recap episode 2. In the past, Hiro and his son Mike dealt with a guy to go to an island. The guy said there were some unnatural things, and it is known as Skull Island. Later, Mike asked his father if he lied about the island.

Back in the present, Mike is injured and Charlie is tired. While they are being attacked by a bunch of giant crabs, they somehow manage to escape. But a crab is about to crush Charlie when Annie suddenly comes up and saves him. While they are all busy killing those crabs, they hear a strange sound. Later, they are surrounded by some guards with guns. They are actually looking for Annie. Annie makes a sound, and a big dog creature comes up and crushes those guards. On the other side, Cap wakes up and finds himself on a big rock. He soon tries to find his son.

Soon, he encounters a mysterious unknown creature, and a guy starts shooting at it, but it easily thrashes the guy. In this scene, Cap sees an unknown girl, and he starts chasing her. She is Irene and she asks Cap how he came here and if he encountered a sea monster. They both see smoke and chase after it. Irene says she was on a cruise to Singapore, but maybe she is hiding something.

Both of them see a strange and beautiful tortoise. They also find some guys with guns, and later he realizes that Irene is searching for a girl who is actually Annie. So, Irene is chasing after Annie. But why? Why is it so mysterious about her?

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And at the end, we see the dog lifting Annie up very high. What will happen to her? Let’s find out in the next episode.


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