Skull Island Episode 6: What happened to Mike? How are they going to kill these giant sea monsters? Will they seek help from Kong or not? Let’s recap episode 6 and also find out who Irene is and why she is chasing Annie.

In the past, a young girl named Annie was with her dad. Her dad told her not to come out and promised to return. Back in the present, Annie wakes up and finds herself handcuffed. Irene wants to talk to her, but Annie is angry because Irene shot her. Irene asks about Mike, who is sick and was possibly bitten by the sea monster, causing him to be electrocuted with poison.

Annie also gets angry when she learns about the bird. Irene then asks, “What happened to your dad?” In the past, after Annie’s dad died, she was alone on the island and found a dead big dog carrying a little dog. The little dog approached Annie one day, and both of them had lost their parents, leading to their friendship during their difficult times on the island.

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Meanwhile, Mike is in a critical condition, and everyone is trying to heal him. Annie and Irene have a conversation where Irene frustratedly tells Annie that she buried her and even held a funeral for her. She later reveals that she wants to die. However, one day, a fishing vessel spotted Annie’s island with the shop on the shore.

Irene, despite being wealthy, couldn’t find her. She fell into pain and sorrow and confessed to Annie, “I’m your mom.” Yes, Irene is Annie’s mom, and everything she did was to find her child. Annie’s dog would kill the guards, which is why Irene wanted to kill the dog. Irene then talks about the past, how she found Annie’s ship on the beach with the dog, and suddenly the dog attacked and killed everyone. After a long time, when she finally met her daughter, she wanted to kill her because Annie had become a “Cave girl.”

The dog and Charlie continue to chase after Annie. The dog yells for Annie on the hill, but Charlie becomes frustrated. Eventually, they find the location where everyone is. Charlie tries to set fire to the field, but a bunch of gremlins emerge and attack them. Irene’s guards and Annie also spot them.

On the other side, Cap also sees them. Annie calls her dog by howling, and Cap yells for his son. Finally, everyone comes together, and the dog finds Annie. However, the dog attacks Irene, so Annie asks Irene to apologize to the dog for shooting him and not finding her child for almost 10 years. This stops the dog, and Annie accepts her mom.

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At the end, Charlie finally sees that Mike is dying. Suddenly, some guards are taken by a huge squid monster. The squid monster is wreaking havoc and killing everything. They all need to kill it. Charlie suggests using Kong to kill the monster. What will happen next? Will King Kong kill the monster? Will Mike survive?

Let’s find out in the next episode.



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