Skull Island Episode 5: Annie and the dog fall into the trap, and Mike and Charlie do too. So, what is going to happen next? As we continue the episode-wise recap, let’s discuss Episode 5. Mike and Charlie also enter the field. Charlie finds that Mike is suffering from a fever and is also injured.

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Later, Annie and her dog fall into the trap, and Irene shoots her with a tranquilizer. The dog becomes angry and tries to kill everybody, but it too falls into the trap. The big bird comes up and takes it away. There, Charlie sees his dad, but Mike sacrifices himself and comes forward to ensure Charlie’s safety. He goes out and meets Cap, whispering to him to say that “Charlie is safe.” But when he sees Irene, he asks, “You?” In the second episode, Mike also talks about a girl, but we don’t know who she is.

She might be Irene, but why? Who is Irene actually? Let’s move forward to know more. Later, Mike talks with Cap because he is with these guys. While Annie is unconscious, she calls for her daddy. As Annie is unconscious, Cap sees Mike talking with Irene. He assumes that something is not right here. On the other side, when Charlie is in the field, he sees someone with a mask.

When he runs to save himself from that unknown masked guy, he too falls into the trap as the bird comes up and takes him away. As the bird takes him to a place covered with fog, he finds a big wall, and it’s too mysterious. So, he is in Stone Mason. Suddenly, he finds the dog there too. The dog is too sad as they took Annie with them.

The dog accepts Charlie and starts accepting him, and both of them try to plan to leave there. They understand each other, and the dog carries Charlie on its back and crawls down. At this moment, we see the bone-chilling arrival of King Kong. When Charlie sees him, he sees that he is sad and looking for a necklace. Later, he leaves there and finds a really broken bridge. Inside of it is the only way to get out of here.

At the end of this episode, we see Cap, Mike, and Irene talking near Annie, as Annie is still unconscious. Suddenly, guards are yelling as they see something unbelievable. Mike, Cap, and Irene go outside from the tent and see a big whale in the sky. It falls into the Stone Mason in front of King Kong.

After seeing this, Kong becomes angry, and we see a huge tentacle in the water, so it might be challenging for Kong. Meanwhile, Mike is suffering from a serious problem as his wound takes a turn for the worse. Let’s see what it is and what is going to happen next.



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