Kim Chul Min Actor Name: Netflix presents a six-episodic South Korean fantasy drama series called ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. This supernatural show is a live adaptation of the manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The plot around a bunch of Parasyte making their presence in some places around the world.

They enter into the human brain and take control of their body in order to attack humans. When a group of special forces tries to destroy the existence of parasites, they keep expanding their number of hosts in society.

Detective Kim Chul Min plays a significant role in the show ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. Kim Chul Min is a senior detective at the Namil gun police station. He is a well-trained detective, who solved many serial killer cases. Detective Kim Chul Min’s character is portrayed by well-known veteran actor Kwon Hae Hyo. He is an excellent performer and he is very much popular among drama fans. He is known for his performance in dramas like flex x cop, wedding Impossible and Vigilante. Detective Kim Chul Min is one of the most loyal detectives in his station.

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Detective Kim Chul min have a special bond with Jeong Su In for years. Kim Chul Min cares for her very much, he shares dinner with her at the convenience store. When Jeong Su In was a kid, her father used to beat her daily and one day she informed Detective Kim Chul Min about the violence.

Jeong Su In got protection from Detective Kim Chul Min from that day. He always checks up on her like his own daughter. One day, an alcoholic thug tried to kill Jeong Su In, when Detective Kim Chul Min found out about it, he involved himself in the case and tried to protect Jeong Su In.

Choi Jun Kyung and the grey team spread their investigation into Detective Kim Chul Min’s station and she had doubts about Jeong Su In. Detective Kim Chul Min was personally involved in protecting Jeong Su In from Choi Jun Kyung and the Parasite organisation.

Detective Kim Chul Min found out that his close friend is getting bribes from Parasyte organisation. When he tried to confront him, the Parasite team leader killed Detective Kim Chul Min. After killing him, the Parasite entered Detective Kim Chul Min’s body. Jeong Su In tries her best to save Kim Chul Min from the Parasite, but still, he miserably dies in front of her.

That’s all about the character of Kim Chul Min from ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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