Masters of the Air Episode 8 Recap and Explained: AppleTV presents their historical war drama from the biggest team who made the “Band of Brothers” series. Executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks, adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller.

The series shows about the bombers air forces of America who fought against Nazis with their hardworking efforts up in the air at the time of World War II. The bombing missions and their struggles on every mission is shown in the series.

Episode 8 opens in Outskirts of Rome, Italy in 1944. Crosby tells that, while the 8th Air Force was attacking the Nazis from England the 15th Air Force was attacking from Italy and the 99th Pursuit Squadron also known as the Tuskegee Airmen was leading the attack. We can see them attacking Nazis from the air. Next, they gather at a success party. A higher army officer comes to Lieutenant Alex and appreciates Lt. Alex for his hard work.

Everyone was enjoying the party but Lt. Alex did not seem happy about it. He looks dull even at the party. The superior officer asks why he looks dull and Lt. Alex says he needs to fight more. He doesn’t wanna waste time here and go out in the field. The superior says big things are coming, and when it comes he will have lot of action. Superior tells him that the 99th group might join the 332nd group. And it will be more exciting so just enjoy and relax the current moments.

Next, we see Cleven and Egan at the prison. Egan is not happy with the current situation. He wanted to get out of the prison as fast as possible. But Cleven says it’s very risky going out now. Others got killed by the officers when they tried to flee from the prison. Buck and Bucky have a fight at the prison when Bucky gets frustrated about not being able to get out of the prison. Buck tried to calm him but Bucky was not stopping and ended up in a fight among them untill the German officer shouted for them to stop. The tension happening at the prison, is a hint that a European invasion has started.

Cut to Crosby, he is obsessed with the next mission. He spends 72 hours without any sleep and plans the mission. He explains how time goes in those situations. The first 24 hours will be okay, but after that, it affects very badly on him. He will get away from reality, get tired, and hear noises that are not there. On the other side, Crosby’s friend Westgate is in Paris, and she is walking very anonymously. Apparently, she is a spy passing information to the French.

Rosenthal was sitting next to Crosby. Crosby wakes up suddenly and rushes to finish his work. But Rosenthal says Crosby was sleeping for 3days. Also, Rosenthal says the mission was a success and Crosby’s planning was great.

Cut to the prison, Cleven and Egan planning to get out of the prison. They tell their mates to exercise and improve their strength so that it will be needed when they face Germans while running away. Tuskegee Airmen squad goes for another mission. But this time they got hit after the bombing was done. They crash into Nazis territory.

They have been brought for questioning by a German officer. The officer asks them why they fight for the Americans when America discriminates against them because of their black colour. But they say it’s their country, they fight to make the country a better place. They have been brought to the same prison where Buck and Bucky were in.

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Daniels, Alex and Macon is not inside Buck and the team’s room. Apparently, Macon is injured. They three plan to run away from the prison but they are in need of help from Buck and their team. As Alex tries to talk it out with Buck, Buck comes and asks for Alex and their teams to help in charting the map. They all agree on coming up with a joint plan to get away from the prison. While they plan things German officers get a doubt and come to their room. But they somehow do not get caught.

Cut to Crosby, he was ordered to go on a month of leave. As his health is very important to the army, he was asked to go on leave. Crosby contacted Sandra on the phone but she was not available to be connected. He went to the hotel to meet her, but she left a note saying she was busy with work and couldn’t meet.

Overall as we are close to the final episode this episode was really a banger. Too many things happened in this episode. New characters joined the story. There is a hope for Buck and Bucky to get out of the prison now. Will see what happens on the final episode.



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