Death and Other Details Review: Hulu presents a crime thriller investigation show. The show’s plot revolves around a sailing cruise ship. One day an unexpected murder takes place inside the cruise ship, the world’s greatest detective and a young woman join for the adventurous investigation. The murder investigation ends up revealing dirty secrets and the true face of everyone from the ship.

Death and Other Details is an intriguing crime thriller investigation series. The show is created by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams. The series is like a television adaptation of Knives Out, the plot is in some way similar to the movie. The creators did an excellent job of keeping the viewers hooked till the finale with the same backdrop.

The show is majorly concentrated on sailing ships, also the makers gave luxurious input in all aspects of the show. The production value is higher and they used many green mat scenes for the show. The series premiered on January 16, 2024. The show has ten episodes in total with a minimum duration of fifty minutes.

Death and Other Details story revolves around a Mediterranean ship, with a bunch of wealthy people travelling on a business vacation of Collier’s family. An unexpected murder of a wealthy man happens inside the cruise ship and the rest of the story follows the murder investigation to catch the real culprit. The show has stellar characters which was done by well-known actors from around the globe. Veteran actor Mandy Patinkin portrayed the role of the world’s greatest detective, Rufus Coteworth.

He is an excellent performer and his input in this show is remarkable. One of the main female lead role, Imogene Scott was portrayed by Violett Beane. She is known for her roles in Truth or Dare. Her role as Imogene Scott is the backbone of this show.

Death and Other Details has an incredible screenplay with a significant amount of twist elements. The show is somewhat similar to Selena Gomez starring Only Murders in the Building TV series. Both shows are majorly based on the murders inside a particular place. These shows were released by the same streaming platform Hulu.

The series showcases the darkest sides of rich people in our society. The series went down after a few episodes but later improved the level. Each character has a good amount of screen space, the creators portrayed their character arcs very well. Every episode ended up with a major reveal or cliffhanger, which was missing on recent television shows. With limited episodes and duration, the creators gave a clear depth to all characters, even the side artists got unexpected elevations.

Death and other details couldn’t come up with a unique murder mystery investigation, because the plot is very much popular in this genre. Apart from changing the key location, this is just another crime thriller investigation series. The narration is sometimes stuck in the memories and flashbacks, the investigation and detailed research through the past memories is somewhat illogical.

The first two episodes were pretty much good but the following episodes like the third and fourth came out very average and rated low by the viewers. The finale episode premiered last week and received a very low rating compared with other episodes. The show has complex and unique editing which makes the show more interesting sometimes.

Overall, Death and Other Details is an adventurous investigation ride with lots of banger twists and mysteries. This show gave a one-time watchable thrilling experience for, apart from some impressive twists and mystery elements, this show was just an average outline with similar references to other crime investigation movies.

I would rate 2.5 out of 5 for this crime thriller show.



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