The Impossible Heir Episode 5 & 6 Release date: Disney Plus presents a youth career drama. The drama plot revolves around an illegitimate son and his childhood friend who jointly move forward with a great ambition of becoming leaders of the wealthiest empire, the greedy family members fight against each other to take control of the company.

The Impossible Heir is an twelve episodic revenge drama. The first two episodes of The Impossible Heir premiered on February 28th. The next two episodes were released last week through Disney Plus. The Impossible Heir Korean drama contains twelve episodes in total, and only four episodes were released through the streaming platforms.

Each episode from The Impossible Heir has an average duration of forty-five minutes. The drama is a mixture of friendship and relations. The show got a very good response from the first four episodes.

The last episode ended with a great development of the plot. Chairman Kang Joong Mo fabricated his stay at the hospital to overcome the Milton case. The prosecutors went to Kangoh group with a search warrant but failed to conduct a proper raid because of the Chairman’s sudden heart attack. Chairman Kang Joong Mo set up a plan with Han Taeo to overcome the obstacles. They came to the conclusion that someone needs to step up to solve the crisis inside the company.

Han Taeo deliberately gave the idea to Chairman Kang Joong Mo that, Kang Inha was the best option to sort out this issue. Chairman Kang Joong Mo called Kang Inha and asked him to join at the company. Kang Inha requested the chairman to announce him as the third and legitimate son of Chairman Kang Joong Mo, also he should announce this in front of the public. At the end of the last episode, Chairman Kang Joong Mo announced it officially.

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The fifth episode and sixth episodes were planned to be released this week through Disney Plus around the globe. Both episodes will be released on the same day, which is March 13th. The makers planned to release two episodes per week, untill the twelfth episode was released. The latest four episodes of ‘The Impossible Heir’ are currently streaming through Disney Plus with English subtitles.



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