The 4th episode of Queenmaker was really amazing; now, things are getting more interesting. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explanation.

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The episode starts with a speech by Min-Jung, where she asks a question. But Kyung-sook beautifully tackles it and responds with a question to Min-Jung. This is how both women engage in a political debate. However, things go wrong when a mysterious guy suddenly asks questions to Min-Jung, and later, we find out that he is Soo-ho, Min-Jung’s love interest. Hwang-Do tells Kyung-sook how to give answers to the audience without any hesitation so that the public will agree with her more.

Kyung-sook is peacefully doing all the things, but inside she feels stuck in her tight corset. Suddenly, she gets tired of it and throws out the corset, giving a grounded reply that people enjoy, making the debate successful. After that night, we can see a friendly celebration between Kyung-sook and Hwang-Do, which makes their bond stronger.

On the other side, Char-ryoung publicly announces that she has cancer and had surgery, making the operation successful, but she will never be able to become pregnant. She spoke all of these in front of the media. All of these were planning and public stunt to make Baek-Jae popular, and it was successful too. But Kyung-sook faces a problem when her aerial people do not support her because she was participating in the mayoral selection. This creates problems in her relationship with her son.

Eunsug is going to make “Heaven of Asia,” which is Ms. Son’s most ambitious project. Baek-Jae is getting his popularity among low-class people, so Eunsug’s group is becoming in the way of being popular. But Hwang-Do is always a step forward, so she opens up all the dark secrets behind Ms. Son’s ambitious project. Ms. Son frames the Deputy Mayor to work with them. Hwang-Do is ready for this, but it gives a surprise slap to Eunsug’s group, and Ms. Son is successfully lost again.

Hwang-Do celebrates his Dad’s birthday party, but it looks like his father has already forgotten her. This makes Hwang-Do sad from the inside. Anyway, this episode ends up when Ms. Son comes to Hwang-Do’s house. What happens next? What does she want now? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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