‘Queenmaker Episode 2: The Netflix original series is popular since its release. We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show. After the Episode 1 Recap, here goes the Episode 2 Recap, the Ending Explained, and cast details for the show.

It starts after the girl falls into the car. Hwang Do checks the mail and sees the last mail of I Seul, where she wrote that she works in the bar for money because the bank refused to give her a loan for her studies.

Hwang Do goes to Mr. Baek’s office to talk with him. She comes with a brooch that she found in I Seul’s hand. She checks a blackmail message and comes to know that everything is fake and a plan of Hwang Do.

Hwang Do said that Seul works in the bar, so she deserved it. But Hwang already knew that she did everything wrong, and it was her fault. Without knowing the truth, a girl sacrifices her life.

Hwang Do went to the roof and had self-realization. She remembered she ordered her staff to kill Seung-Sook, so she immediately went there to help her. But already all staff had reached. When Hwang Do try to help Seung-Sook, she accidentally fell down.

But thank God, Seung-Sook is alive and sent to the hospital, as well as Hwang-Do.

After these incidents, Seung-Sook gained popularity in public. Eunsug group is in deep trouble, and Baek-Jae suggests Ms. Son invest in him. Ms. Son didn’t like the idea. Baek-Jae attends I-Seul’s funeral and shows his fake condolences. Kyung-Sook thinks it’s entirely the fault of Hwan-Do, who pushed Seung-Sook.

Ms. Guk turns into the new personal secretary of Baek-Jae and is involved in a sexual relationship with him.

Soul’s mayor invites Ms. Son to dinner to talk to him about developments and powers. After dinner, Ms. Son addresses Ms. Guk to start the plan, where the news reporter discusses the wife of Sa Jae-Gon, the mayor of Seoul, who was spotted with 300 million-worth earnings. This is the political planning for framing The Mayor. After that, they target the Mayor’s son, who is drug addicted. So, finally, Sa Jae-Gon resigned from Mayors.

Baek-Jae offers Kyung-Sook work and gratitude. Now Baek-Jae is trying to be the mayor of Seoul. Hwang-Do listens angrily to all things because only she knows how bad Baek-Jae is.

In the end, Hwang-Do goes to Ms. Son, who is busy shooting. Ms. Son tells her to regain her posting and mind her own business. Hwang-Do refuses Ms. Son’s order and Episode 2 finishes. Let’s see what will happen next and how Hwang-Do will fight with them.



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