Queenmaker Episode 3: The first two episodes of the Netflix original show “Queenmaker” were decent, as everything is in the building stage and audiences loved those episodes. As we are covering the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the episode 3 recap and ending explanation.

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Hwang-Do finds out Ms. Guk is the new president, and Ms. Guk blackmails her by saying that all audio records are saved in a pen. Ms. Guk orders her to return the car and house, everything she achieved by the company. Hwang-Do goes to the hospital to check on his father. After the conflict with the Eunsug group, they refused to check and help him. In the dinner with other presidents, Ms. Son suggests that Mr. Baek is the best for the next mayor. But the others thought about whether this is safe or not, but Ms. Son said that it was a family matter because Mr. Baek is his own son-in-law.

Hwang-Do goes to talk with Ms. Son about his dad’s health, but she replies that this is the reward for her work. Hwang-Do is tired of fixing all the affairs of Mr. Baek, but for Ms. Son, it doesn’t matter. Hwang-Do feels insulted, and she is ready to take revenge. Baek-Jae publicly announces that he is going to be the mayor and going to develop infrastructure, saying that he will always be with the public. The public cheers him and greets him.

Finally, Hwang-Do meets with Kyung-Sook and says that she has no relation with the Eunsung group. On the other side, Baek-Jae is trying to be strong and trying to make a powerful social bond. Baek-Jae sends lunch to increase a friendship relation with Kyung-Sook because he is finding every way of profit for the election. In a bar, Hwang-Do suggests Kyung-Sook become a mayor and also tells her that everything is just a conspiracy and planning of the Eunsung group. They just want to make everybody greedy so that people will give votes to Baek-Jae. Kyung-Sook asks Hwang-Do why she has to do this, what is the purpose, and Hwang-Do tells her where everything started. And now, things are getting more interesting as the talks between Kyung-Sook and Baek-Jae are tension-filled and accelerate the whole series. Kyung-Sook surprisingly announces that Seoul doesn’t need a mayor like Baek-Jae, and she is ready to fight, where Hwang-Do is with her.

So, for this shocking statement, Kyung-Sook is trending now, but still, we see that she was feeling afraid of all of these words. On the next days, the public attacks her office, where Hwang-Do suggests her to go outside and confess everything.

Now, the People’s Servant Seo Min-Jung is giving a statement in news reports, where people are asking her about Kyung-Sook. Baek-Jae is getting angry because he is insulted by his wife’s family members for his work. Things are getting complicated for the Eunsung family, where Hwang-Do still wants to make Kyung-Sook more powerful.

Ending: Episode 3 ends suddenly, when a guy with an identity rushes a car toward Hwang-Do. Is she okay? Who was that guy? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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