Queenmaker Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: Netflix’s original limited series Queenmaker, consisting of 11 episodes, is now streaming on Netflix. The South Korean series has become popular for its political thriller theme. For those who have missed the show’s episodes or are confused about the ending, here we are going to provide an episode-wise recap of the show.

Before jumping into the episode-wise recap, let’s have an overview of the story. The story is about a powerful fixer who uses all of her abilities to turn an ordinary civil lawyer into the next mayor. Let’s jump into the recap of Episode 1.

The story starts with a middle-aged woman named Hwang-Do, who tries to cover up the mess created by big and famous people. At the beginning of Season 1, the Ensung Group’s Director Char-ryoung is accused of physically assaulting her employee and her driver. In this situation, Hwang-Do tries to fix her dress and makeup as her strategy is to use fashion at a crime scene.

After freshening up, Char-ryoung apologizes for all of her mistakes, but it doesn’t last long as Char-ryoung has the intermittent explosive disorder. That’s the reason why she sometimes becomes so angry. In public, someone asks about this, which makes Char-ryoung aggressive.

After that, Hwang-Do goes to her office where she meets an unknown boy. The boy talks about a worker’s rights lawyer, Oh-Seung-sook, who has been sitting on the rooftop of Eunsug’s Department Store for 78 days. This is because Char-ryoung fired 500 female temp workers, and that’s why Oh-Seung-sook is working for their rights. She is on the rooftop with some food and drinks, and when the water runs out, a drone reaches out to her and supplies her with food and drinks.

After that, Hwang-Do goes to meet Ms. Son, who thanks her by giving her a new car. Here, a sudden flashback shows us Hwang-Do’s backstory, where she went to the water to take back a simple scarf of Chairwoman Ms. Son, and that’s why Hwang-Do is promoted.

Then, Oh-Seung-sook mocks Hwang-Do by throwing a shoe and calling her “Toilet Hwang.” Seeing it, Hwang-Do goes to the rooftop to talk with her, but the negotiation doesn’t go well. She tells her assistant to take her off the rooftop.

After that, she goes to the husband of Char-ryoung and the CEO of The Green People Foundation, Baek-Jae, who was being blackmailed by a girl who was actually his secretary, Han I-Seul. Baek-Jae says that the girl framed him and took advantage of him. So, Hwang-Do goes to work to clear up this affair. But there is something that Han I-Seul wants to say, which Hwang-Do ignores, and so Han I-Seul commits suicide from the top of the office building and falls onto Hwang-Do’s car.



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