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Queenmaker Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained | Carl Yoon ?

Queenmaker Episode 4: Episode 3 ended very shockingly, but everything is still in the building stage. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here is the Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explanation.

After a very personal car attack on Hwang-Do, which was planned for a long time outside the restaurant, she survives because Dong-Joo rescued her from this attack. Dong-Joo also went behind one of the cars and fought with them, although he was unsuccessful, he managed to steal the identity of one driver, confirming that they were all security personnel of Eunsung Group, as said by Dong-Joo.

The next day, Kyung-Sook is making dishes for her family and happily says that she is going to run for mayor. But it looks like her son doesn’t want this, and her husband tries to understand because her opponent is Baek-Jae. But Kyung-Sook said she will do it.

On the other side, Dong-joo is taking care of Hwang-Do in the hospital. Kyung-Sook is talking with Hwang-Do in the nurse’s office, where Hwang-Do said that she can defeat Baek-Jae if Kyung-Sook will be with her. After this hospital conversation, they both are ready for this fight. Kyung-Sook publicly announces that she wants to be the mayor of Seoul, and immediately trends.

On the other side, Ms. Son is watching everything and becomes angry. So Kyung-Sook, Baek-Jae, Min-Jung, Yook-Seungcheol, Na Jinguk, these five candidates are in the race to be the mayor of Seoul. It’s planning time now, where Hwang-Do gives all plans to Kyung-Sook. Min-Jung has a strong assistant who is the husband of Hwang-Do. They start mocking themselves by memes and social postings. So, Min-Jung first attacks Kyung-Sook, where Hwang-Do secretly does all of her work and spies on Min-Jung.

On the other side, a secret old guy appeared in the office of Baek-Jae and gave everyone surprising ideas. Later on, he introduces himself by saying his name is “Carl Yoon,” who is actually on Long Island. He was repaying the late Chairperson’s generosity.

Hwang-Do gets back to work by taking all pictures of Min-Jung; he already knows the amounts of all dresses of Min-Jung. Hwang-Do makes Kyung-Sook professional from her dresses to her posture, looks, hairs, everything.

Baek-Jae is not going to the mayor’s debate because Carl Yoon canceled it. Hwang-Do can assume that someone really intelligent must be with Baek-Jae. Chae-young (wife of Baek-Jae) slowly loses all her powers. The departmental stores’ power shifted to her sister, whom she hates always. Baek-Jae is troubled by his family problems.

Hwang-Do secretly framed Min-Jung and helped Kyung-Sook to be more powerful. As Kyung-Sook improves, she also takes care of Hwang-Do, which makes her different from all other mayor candidates. Where Chae-ryoung doubts her husband Baek-Jae. The team of Kyung-Sook already posted all photos and fancy workout videos of Min-Jung on social media.

Episode 4 ends with Kyung-Sook appearing in the studio for the debate and seeing her opponent Min-Jung. On the next episode, we are going to see how Kyung-Sook tackles this debate and how she wins against Min-Jung. So, let’s move forward to the next episode.

If you missed the Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recaps, You Can also check them for a better connection between the episodes.



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