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Queenmaker Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

Queenmaker Episode 6: Episode 5 was quite interesting. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the episode 6 Recap and Ending Explanation. The is getting Positive response from the audiences, Now it will be interesting to see what happened next.

This episode starts where episode 5 ended, with Hwang-Do talking with Ms. Son. But it looks like Ms. Son requests her to stop, but they both know they are not going to stop. For now, Kyung-sook is getting more public support, but Hwang-Do thinks Min-Jung should be out of the race. Min-Jung helps her daughter Jae-i for her political purpose, and their emotional acting on the stage makes them safe.

But now, Carl Yoon meets with Min-Jung for a team-up. Carl Yoon is too fast to make things happen and frames Kyung-sook for wasting donation money on women workers. This time, Min-Jung successfully takes revenge on Kyung Sook. All of this is Carl Yoon’s plan. He also kidnaps Hwang-Do’s father, so she is mentally disturbed. All the reporters went to Min-Jung’s interview instead of Kyung-sook.

Kyung-sook’s own person, Hwa-Soo, tries to frame her by accusing her. This is how Kyung-sook is losing track. On the other hand, Hwang-Do is fighting with herself and gets news that her father died in a car accident, making Hwang-Do emotionally broken. Though the accident is not the planning of Carl Yoon, it looks like Ms. Son is enjoying it and wants this.

The media are trolling and harassing Kyung-sook’s husband and son as well. These political games become interesting when the party leader comes and requests her to resign. But Kyung-sook fights well and says she will not stop until all the truths come out. On the other side, Hwang-Do is at her father’s funeral, where Carl Yoon comes to show his condolences. In fact, Hwang-Do doesn’t recognize him. But she will recognize him after he leaves.

And this is how the emotional ride of episode 6 ends. Things are totally messed up. Let’s see how Hwang-Do makes everything right. Let’s find out in the next episode.

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