Pyramid Game Episode 9 and 10 Release Date” Viu presents a Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The plot revolves around a group of students voting for their favourite five students to bully the weakest students. They all jointly conduct an online game to select their favourite students every month on a particular day.

The student with zero votes will be brutally bullied and tortured by higher group students from the class. A newly transferred student tries her best to destroy the game with all the hurdles. “Pyramid Game’ is an intriguing game thriller show.

This South Korean contains ten episodes in total which has an average duration of forty-five minutes. The show deals with relevant topics from the current generation of youngsters in South Korea.

The bullying system in school compound is one of the most terrifying experiences for many kids in Korea, the show depicted such a topic in the base of an online game. Pyramid Game drama got very much good reviews from Korean drama fans around the globe. The initial episodes premiered on February 29, currently, eight episodes have been released by the makers.

The ‘Pyramid Game‘ last episode ended with some shocking incidents. The Class 5 students went on a school trip to Busan. During their journey, Sung Soo Ji kept thinking about leaking the clips from her classroom, but Baek Ha Rin blackmailed her for it. On their trip, the classroom teacher told the students to team up in different groups with five members.

Everyone selected their favourite students once again, Sung Soo Ji selected her close friends too. On that night, they celebrated Sung Soo Ji’s birthday. The next day, they all went to an underwater aquarium, and everyone participated in a swimming party. Baek Ha Rin looked at the pool for some time, and suddenly one of her close friends pushed her to the water.

Baek Ha Rin was drowning in the water, Myung Ja Eun witnessed from a distance and quickly jumped into the water to rescue her. In the last episode, during a shooting game, students once again conducted a pyramid game-like game, they selected a few f groups of students too. They were given the task of going against each other, but unfortunately, they all played it in a funny way.

Kim Da Yun got mad and tried to beat one of the students, Shim Eun Jung tried to protect the student from Kim Da Yun. In this process, Shim Eun Jung was terribly attacked by Kim Da Yun. The classroom teacher took Shim Eun Jung to the hospital.

The school violence in their class got attention from higher-ups and other class students. They dismissed Kim Da Yun from the class without the permission of Baek Ha Rin. At the end of the last episode, I’m Ye Rim was transferred to a hospital after her debut show.

Pyramid Game episodes 9 and 10 are planned to be released next week through Paramount+ and Viu across the globe. The ninth episode and tenth episodes will be released on March 21st. Currently, eight episodes have been released by the team, and the next two episodes will be final. All eight episodes now streaming through Viu with English subtitles.



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