Masters Of The Air Renewed For Season 2: AppleTV presents a historical war nine episodic mini-series “Masters of the Air” from the creator of the famous series “Band of Brothers” and executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks, with the real-life story adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller.

This series talks about the hurdles faced by the American bomber groups while fighting against Nazis in World War II. The story mainly focuses on the characters Egan and Cleven, two well-experienced air force soldiers who worked their best to fight against Germany up in the air. The bomber groups face victories and failures over the years while fighting the Nazis.

This series came weekly on AppleTV+ with a total of nine episodes. Each episode had over 1 hour of runtime. We all know AppleTV originals showed their budget in its production quality. This series is also the same. The budget is huge and the creators did a very good job in making it engaging. Every cast lived as their characters. We see some information and photos related to real-life persons at the end credits of the series.

The story was told through Crosby’s voice. John Egan and Gale Cleven were friends in the Air Force army. They flew the bomber planes a lot in their lifetime. The first few episodes in the series show the routine life of bomber groups at Thorpe Abbots. How they flew bomber planes, how their way of bombings. They covered many details in the initial episodes.

On a mission, a Nazi fighter hit Cleven’s plane. There were no details about his disappearance. Egan got upset about the news and also angry at the Germans for revenge. Egan was on holiday at that time. After he saw the news he came back to Thorpe Abbots and joined for the next mission. Later Egan’s flight also got hit by the Germans. Egan tried to escape from Germany but the officers caught him. Egan was shifted to a prison. There he saw Cleven again alive with other mates from camp.

Cleven and Egan with others plan for escaping the prison. But they didn’t get the right time to escape as it’s very risky to run away in the current climate. After many successful missions, Crosby was promoted to office work for planning. Crosby’s wife got pregnant. Cleven escaped from prison and reached back to camp. Egan with other prisoners took over the control of prison and came back to camp.

At the end of the series, everyone went back home when Winston Churchill declared the defeat of the Nazis. This season ended like a finished series. Ended like there is no contentment to go further as the war is now finished and everyone had gone back to their home. The story starts and ends with the main characters returning to their homes. So for the writer, there won’t be much content to make another season.

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There are no official announcements about renewing the series for another season. AppleTV+ released this as a mini-series category. From the start, creators are not think of making another season. Even their old famous work with the same time of the story was not made in another season, so renewing this series is also doubtful. Yet it’s viewership era now so maybe they can change their mind after seeing the viewership and requests for this show by the fans.



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