The Impossible Heir Kdrama Episode 3: Disney Plus presents another south Korean drama. The plot revolves around three youngsters who go great lengths to achieve their goals. An illegitimate son and two poor background youngsters join to conquer the greatest company in Korea. Their life started to change after they joined their dream company for different purposes. The story unravels through love and friendship in the later part.

The third episode opens with a conversation of the Kangoh group chairman and family members. The chairman is getting ready for his speech at an event. Suddenly, Han Taeo came into the office and introduced himself as the speechmaker for the chairman. He has been transferred from the global leaders training team. The chairman welcomed Han Taeo to his office.

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Later, he asked everyone to leave the room except Han Taeo. Chairman talked about Han Taeo’s background details and weaknesses, at last he appointed him to the company. After that conversation, the Chairman went to convey his speech to the board members and the audience. Kang Inha and Han Taeo got their plan moving forward in the right direction.

Five years later, Han Taeo became the youngest chief secretary in the Kangoh company. Kang Inha started working on the technology department of Kangoh company. Na Hye won working with a political party in their strategic management.

Kangoh’s family didn’t like Han Taeo that much, except te Chairman. Chairman trusts him very much and they kept discussing Kangoh’s future plans. The chairman expressed his future plan of creating a country inside Korea, which is called the Royal Road Project. Kang Seongju had other plans to destroy his father and cease the chairman position. He went to many extend to get what he wanted. His mother is also in support of him. The first son of the chairman is a messed up man and he hates Kang Seongju and his mother.

Kang Seongju bribed a political candidate to stop the Royal Road project and confront the chairman. Surveillance footage was shown from the hunting practice section of Kang Seongju and the candidate. An unknown hacker is seeing those visuals from a random place, he transferred those visuals to Han Taeo secretly. Na Hye Won tries to get a good image from her manager, but he later mentions that he doesn’t trust her, it seems like she is able to make an impression and he starts showing trust in her.

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He called her for a celebration party in a club, but she said that she had other plans. When they were at the party, Na Hye anonymously came to the club, took a room and recorded all their conversations secretly. They were trying to lock the chairman forever and they will use the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Centre as an independent organisation and also they will remove it from the Kangoh group.

The hacker met Han Taeo and shared all the information he gathered. Later, Han Taeo took all the evidence to the chairman. Chairman found out that the Kangoh Art Foundation was laundering money for Sun Dong. Later, the hacker gets into Kang Seongju’s phone while sleeping and also he starts to track his every move. The Chairman got pretty upset and angry about everyone’s betrayal, and he called for a sudden meeting.

He changed the complete authority of the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Centre from Kang Seongju into the Chairman’s sole authority. During the process of changing the authorities, Han Taeo took the mobile phones of all the staff to stop them from leaking this information to Kang Seongju. But later, Kang Seongju found out what his done to his dream company, he got upset and sought help from his mother.

Kangoh group’s Chairman later called the board members for a meeting, and Kang Seongju also were present. Chairman announced new title for Kang Seongju as the president of Kangoh Security. Kang Seongju got pretty much frustrated about his new role. At the end of the episode, Kang Seongju’s mother took the dirty secrets of the Chairman and went to blackmail him. While at the office, the chairman had a mild attack and his wife left him without informing the doctors.

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Han Taeo came into the office and looked at the chairman’s face. At the same time, someone mailed information about the chairman’s illegal activities, which led the prosecutors to raid at Kangoh group office.

Overall the third episode was complex in writing. Too many business shades came into the story. Han Taeo new changeover was quite adventurous. The show got pretty much serious and thrilling from this episode. Let’s see how the fourth episode goes.



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