Jeong Su In Parasyte The Grey: Netflix presents their next science fiction six episodic thriller Korean drama “Parasyte: The Grey” from the creator of “Train to Busan” and “Hellbound”. The story is adapted from the manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The parasites that came to earth started entering the human’s brains and started doing destruction to the human race.

When Jeong Su In was going to die after getting stabbed in the back by a guy, the parasite entered her brain and healed her. As the parasites started to form a group against humans, the governments started special forces to kill them all by any means.

Jeong Su In character is played by Korean actress Jeon So Nee. Jeon So Nee is a very talented actress from the Korean industry. Jeon So Nee has a good fan following among Korean drama viewers. Jeon So Nee has the ability to handle any type of character she gets to do in utmost perfection. Jeon So Nee has been in the industry for some time proving her capabilities to the world.

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When she gets a character she just lives the way as the character itself. From the looks to the physique to the voice everything was perfect for Jeong Su In character in this drama. Jeon So Nee got much appreciation for her acting in “When My Love Blooms”, “Encounter”, and “Our Blooming Youth”.

Jeong Su In is a normal working girl who works as a cashier in a supermarket. Jeong Su In’s mother divorced her father and left them when Jeong Su In was in school. Jeong Su In’s father used to abuse her and beat her for the anger of her mother gone from him. Jeong Su In endured a lot of beatings and pain at a young age. On day finally, she called a police officer and told about her dad harassing her. Finally, the police came and took him away. The police who helped Jeong Su In at that time was Kim Chul Min.

The neighbours looked at her like she was the worst girl because she complained about her own father. They all hated her. Later Jeong Su In tried to see her mother. Jeong Su In’s mother married another guy and they had a child too. Jeong Su In’s mother loved that child but not love Jeong Su In a bit. When her mother saw Jeong Su In, she gave her some money and warned her not to come and see her again. She hated her own son, which still gives pain to Jeong Su In.

One day when Jeong Su In was working at the supermarket, a strange guy made a scene there. He argued with Jeong Su In overbilling without the price sticker. Even though he went out of the supermarket, he waited there for her and followed behind her bike. At a stranded place, he hit her scooter with his car. When he came out he stabbed Jeong Su In on her back many times.

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Jeong Su In fell unconscious and fell, at that time a parasite entered her brain and that killed that guy. From there on Jeong Su In started getting weird sensations whenever she got near another host. Jeong Su In was invited to join the parasite hosts group to work against the human race. But she was not interested in those things. Jeong Su In wasn’t aware that there is a parasite in her body at first.

Jeong Su In’s wounds were healed by the parasite. Apparently, the parasite inside Jeong Su In is different from other parasites. When this parasite entered her brain, it couldn’t take over the control of her brain because at that time Jeong Su In was heavily wounded and unconscious. Which made the parasite unable to take over on her. So the parasite is now protecting Jeong Su In’s body from other hosts or people who are dangerous to her. The parasite inside Jeong Su In is called as ‘Heidi’ by her.

The parasite can change her head to a creature look when she gets in trouble or dangerous situations only. Also, it can only take on her for only 15minutes a day. Later Jeong Su In started to live by co-existing and understanding the parasite.

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That’s all about the character of Jeong Su In from the “Parasyte: The Grey” series. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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