Seol Kang Woo In “Parasyte The Grey”: Based on a manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki Netflix presents their science fiction Korean drama ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ in six episodes. Many parasites fell to earth and started entering the humans. As these parasites entered their brains, these people became their hosts. And these parasites control their brains and start to form a group against humans.

The government started a special team to fight against these parasites, they call it “Team Grey”. Their mission is to eradicate these hosts and thus protect the people is the story of this series.

The character of Seol Kang Woo was played by Koo Kyo Hwan. Koo Kyo Hwan is a Korean actor and a film director too. Koo Kyo Hwan has a huge fan following in Korea. He did a lot of films and series which made his face well-known in Korea. Koo Kyo Hwan started his career in the movie Castaway on the Moon (2009). Later he was involved in acting, writing, production, direction and many other things. He was an all-rounder. Koo Kyo Hwan worked very hard to make his career this much successful.

Koo Kyo Hwan gives his best performances in every movie or series he acted. In this series too he showed his true potential in acting as Seol Kang Woo’s character. Koo Kyo Hwan was known for his performances in the series D.P. which was a Netflix original series. And also he is well known for his acting in Escape from Mogadishu (2021), Jane (2016) and Peninsula (2020).

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Seol Kang Woo is gangster in Mangnani Gang. Seol Kang Woo worked for the group for some time. He had faced many struggles protecting his boss and doing what his boss commanded. Seol Kang Woo tried to assassinate the boss of Yeongdeungpu for his boss as Mangnani gangs and Yeongdeungpu gangs are enemies. But when Seol Kang Woo tried to kill the guy Seol Kang Woo was beaten up and failed to kill him. Seol Kang Woo ran from there as there were other gang members there to kill him. Seol Kang Woo called his friend who is also in the Mangnani gang, but he said to lay low for some time as Yeongdeungpu guys are trying to find him.

Seol Kang Woo went to his hometown to stay low for some time. He went to his elder sister’s house. Apparently, Seol Kang Woo’s little sister was not with them, they didn’t know whereabouts of her where is she, did she was dead or alive anything. Seol Kang Woo felt his elder sister weird seeing her there because she was also a host now. Following her elder sister to the gathering of parasite hosts at a church, Seol Kang Woo found the body of his young sister hanged in a plastic cover. One sister got in the hands of parasites, one sister was killed by parasites.

Seol Kang Woo was a bit of a coward, his co-workers in the gang were ordered to kill Seol Kang Woo by his own boss. Even Seol Kang Woo’s only friend tried to kill him. Seol Kang Woo teamed up with Jeong Su In and Kim Chul Min to fight against parasites. Jeong Su In saved Kim Chul Min when he got attacked by other hosts and also when he was hanged on the cliff in the car.

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After all the efforts Seol Kang Woo has put to stop this parasite and help Jeong Su In, in the end, he is offered to join “Team Grey”. Even though people call him a coward, Seol Kang Woo tried his best to stop these parasites. Seol Kang Woo’s character Koo Kyo Hwan did his best.

That’s all about the character of Seol Kang Woo from ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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