Dune Part 2 Ending Explained: Dune: Part Two is a 2024 American action-adventure epic sci-fi drama film that is directed and co-produced by Denis Villeneuve and wrote this film with Jon Spaihts.

This film is based on the second of a two-part adaptation of the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert and this film story begins with the Paul after he joins with the Fremen people of the desert planet Arrakis to begin a war against House Harkonnen and more details which we see in this film.

In this article, I am going to cover all the details about the ending of this film along with the plot and summary of this film and cover all the details in this article and this film is now running in theatre.


The story of part two begins where part one ends, where Fremen is moving with Paul along with the body of Jamis and moving to the home again as Jamis died in the fight with Paul and he chooses to go with the Fremen after the slaughter of House Atreides and his mother Jessica is not happy with that but he choose to follow him and learns about their fight and plans to attack the Emperor Shaddam.

The scene shifts and we see that Fremen and Stilgar wanted to name Paul Lisan al Gaib but he refuses to accept and be the messiah of the people as his visions lead to the big violent future in which he saw himself in Arrakis and his vision Jessica and agrees to go to south after her mother Jessica became the mother of the south people as Water of Life and he also wants himself to be the family.

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Where Paul learned about his father’s hidden history and In his vision Paul finds that Chani is being killed in the blast and he wants to south and also drink the Water of Life which is a form of blue liquid and this liquid is taken from the sandworm and after drink they enter into the dead but if he is able to recover that he can become the people where Chani put water into his lips and he back to life and he became the first male to survive the water of Life and then, he plans for the attack to the House Harkonnen.

Ending Explained

After that attack, we see that Paul leads them to battle against Emperor Shaddam IV and House Harkonnen and Fremen has faith in Paul by using sandworms as a ride to manage the Arrakeen and able to avenge his father’s death and he can kill Baron where he tells him that he is still the Duke of Arrakis and able to control the spice and attacks for the throne and tell him that he will able to married his daughter who is Princess Irulan.

At the end of this film, Paul calls for anyone who is fighting for the thrones but Shaddam IV tries to settle the matter but Feyd-Rautha agrees to fight against him, in a duel and those who win, win the throne but during the duet Feyd-Rautha died and loss in the battle.

Paul spares his life and asks him to kneel and kiss the rings of his father’s kings and Paul accepts the throne but this is not accepted by the other great houses and he tells Fremen to enable a war against them and Paul decides to marry Irulan and Chani leaves him as he left her for the thrones and she set off on a sandworm and film ends.

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This is all the details about the ending of this film along with the plot and story of this film and let me know how much you like this film in the comment box.



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