Nestor In “Iron Reign” Actor Name: Netflix presents their Spanish crime thriller series “Iron Reign” in eight episodes with about one hour of runtime. The story revolves around a port in Barcelona where the officials working there are part of the drug syndicate. They use the port to help the cartels smuggle drugs outside. A big shipment named Czar’s Mail has come to their port in Barcelona. Things go sideways when Joaquin Manchado gets a murder attempt on him and is hospitalized.

Nestor’s character is played by Jaime Lorente. Jaime Lorente is an internationally famous actor. Jaime Lorente has too many fans all over the world. His acting in the popular series “Money Heist”, made him a lot of fan followers. Jaime Lorente did an excellent job in all the work he had done. He is a handsome-looking guy who can do positive shade characters and also negative shade characters seamlessly.

Jaime Lorente did a very good job portraying Nestor’s character. The creator casted the perfect guy for this role. The cunning, efficient man who acts very diligently needed the best actor to suit that role, for Jaime Lorente was their best choice. Apart from Jaime Lorente’s acting as Berlin in the Money Heist series we also know him for the Elite series. Then he acted in Everybody Knows and Tin & Tina. All the ones he acted in were his finest works.

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Nestor became son in law of Joaquin Manchado after marrying Joaquin Manchado’s daughter Rocio Manchado. Nestor is homosexual and he is in an affair with a guy named Alex. Even after the marriage, Nestor was not interested in a physical relationship with Rocio Manchado. Nestor is working as an officer at the port helping Joaquin Manchado on these drug smugglings.

Nestor was a humble and polite guy when the episode started. Later we saw him on an angry face when the drugs were lost and while searching for the drugs. Nestor used to work very hard just like Joaquin Manchado at the port to make the exchanges happen at all costs. Nestor has a daughter named Sandra, he loves her too. Nestor is very punctual at his work things.

At a point, all these good faces of Nestor changed and his real face began to come out. The stealing of drugs from the port was Nestor’s doing. He was planning behind the Manchado family the whole time. His aim was to overthrow Joaquin Manchado and his empire and take over. He wants to control these whole operations by his own.

Nestor’s selfish character was shown in the final episodes of the series. He doesn’t care anything when the dealers take her daughter in exchange for the drugs. But his main aim was the drugs rather than saving his own child. At the call to Mike, Rocio Manchado heard Nestor talking about the drugs. So at the end of the season, the true face of Nestor was known to his wife and Victor.

That’s all about the character of Nestor. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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