Victor In “Iron Reign” Actor Name: Netflix presents a crime thriller show called ‘Iron Reign’. The plot revolves around a network of drug distribution shipments executed by Joaquin Manchado, the head of Barcelona port. He took control of the port along with the staff to help a group of cocaine merchants deliver tons of cocaine through the Barcelona port.

Things went wrong for everyone associated with the port when an important cocaine shipment got lost unexpectedly. Victor Julve character is played by popular actor Chino Darin. Chino Darin’s real name is Ricardo Mario Darin, he is an Argentinian actor and a producer. Chino Darin did many series and movies and got appreciation from all over the world. Chino Darin is very good at acting. For a positive lead role Victor in this series, the creator opted for Chino Darin because of his looks and physics and his excellence in acting. Chino Darin got very famous for his role in the Netflix movie Mirage. He was also part of other series or films which include El Angel, A Twelve-Year Night and El Nino.

Victor was an old friend of Rocio Manchado and Nestor. They were very close in their old days. Victor had a liking for Rocio from those days. Nestor overtook him at many places to get Rocio. Rocio also had a liking on Victor. After Nestor and Rocio Manchado’s marriage Victor told her that he liked her. They even had romance even though she got married to Nestor that day.

Victor left that place and their friendship for a long time. Victor is a cop now, and he is in an undercover operation to catch Joaquin Manchado and his family with the drugs they are smuggling through the port. For that, he went to jail on a fake case and got into a friendship with Flaco the lefthand man of Joaquin Manchado.

Victor has a good relationship with Flaco at the prison. Later when Victor got out Flaco set him a meeting with Joaquin Manchado. Flaco vouched for Victor and Joaquin Manchado accepted Victor on their port as crane operator. Victor used to share information with his higher officer whenever he got the information. Victor’s parents were killed by Joaquin Manchado and his brother. He had that grudge all the time.

Victor is revenging against Manchado family at the same time doing his duty as a police officer trying to stop the drug mafia. Rocio Manchado told Victor that he is the father of her daughter. Victor had never known he had a daughter. Victor helps his neighbour kid when he gets in trouble as the kid’s mother is an addict.

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That’s all about the character of Victor Julve. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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