Rocio Manchado In ‘Iron Reign’: Netflix presents an eight-episodic crime thriller show called ‘Iron Reign’. The show deals with the drug business happening around Barcelona port. The head of the port took control of all the officers and employees of the port to transport drug shipments without any issues. Everything gets into chaos when an important shipment misses the port and what happens afterwards is the rest of the story.

Rocio is the youngest child of the Manchados family. His father Joaquin Manchados is a crime leader of Barcelona Port. Rocio Manchado is the most respectable and well-disciplined person in the Manchados family. Popular Spanish actress Natalia de Molina portrayed the role of Rocio Manchdados in the Iron Reign series. Natalie de Molina is much known for her roles in Living is Easy with Eyes Closed (2013), food and Shelter (2015)and Adios (2019).

She started her acting career with the film Living is Easy with Eyes Closed and also her performance got a Goya Award for Best New Actress. De Molina did an amazing performance in the role of Rocio Machado.

In her whole life, she lived among the port people and currently she is currently working at the port. Her family has a long history with the Barcelona port. She has a brother named Ricardo. Her brother was always a problematic man, he always asks money from Rocio Manchados for gambling.  Rocio Manchados, Nestor and Victor were three childhood friends from the port in their younger days. Nestor comes from a well-known family, he is working as a chief customs officer.

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Rocio manchado married her childhood Nestor years ago, currently, they have a child named Sandra. Rocio Manchados had feelings for Victor in her younger days, On the day of her first night with Nestor, she came out of her house and met with Victor. They had a little conversation and slowly they both ended up kissing each other. Victor couldn’t accept losing her, so he vanished from everyone for years.

Rocio Machado is the only person who cares about family and bd relationships. Her father Joaquin Manchados never cares about love or affection, he always cares about money and business. Rocio Machado tried her best to make his stubborn brother and arrogant uncle to unite together. But she failed miserably in it, they both kill each other at port and it became a nightmare for her. Rocio Manchados also lost her father for a while, he was attacked by her own husband.

Rocio Manchados’s husband Nestor always comes home very late, he gives routine reasons like late night work, but she knows that Nestor has an affair with someone. The truth is that he seems attracted to men, he lost interest in Rocio Manchados. She also found out that, her husband was involved in stealing the cocaine shipment, which caused the kidnapping of her child by the drug mafia.

That’s all about the character of Rocio Machado from ‘Iron Reign‘. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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