“My Demon” Episode 13 Recap

“My Demon” Episode 13 Recap, Summary and Explained

“My Demon” is an ongoing Netflix Original Fantasy Adventure Comedy Drama Korean series currently streaming with 14 episodes in the Korean language with English subtitles. The show gained an amazing response from audiences and is still in the top 10 charts due to viewership. The show is getting loved by audiences all over the globe.

Episode 13 starts with the same church scene that we have seen in the previous episode. In that scene, the Chairwoman was saying, “She saw the Devil.” The 12th episode was shocking because she saw Gyeong taking a life. After that, we see Doo Hee and Gyeong talking about the past of Gyeong. In that, Gyeong reveals that his human version’s name was “Seo Yi Yun.”

After that, lights go off, and Gyeong shows Doo Hee fireflies. Doo Hee gets excited, and she was very happy around that. Gyeong was remembering his past. After that, Gyeong meets the Beggar woman again in the park. Gyeong says that he doesn’t want to repeat his past with Doo Hee again, but the Beggar woman clearly says no to help. Gyeong leaves the park.

He goes back home and sees Doo Hee still sleeping. Gyeong wakes her up by saying that he made some food for her. She gets excited, and Gyeong brings homemade food with his magical powers. They both were thinking about Christmas. They were on the way to the office. While going to the office, Doo Hee sees that some accident happened on the road, and she got upset because she was remembering that night when her mom and dad passed away.

They reach the office, and Gyeong meets Seak Hoon in the office. Gyeong meets Seak Hoon regarding that moment when Doo Hee sees the accident. Seak Hoon tells him that the accident of her parents still scares her because she loves them a lot. After that, she met the Chairwoman, but now she also lost her because of that, she still scared.

Doo Hee goes for a meeting. In the meeting, Doo Hee decides to collaborate with Sunwol Theatre. She meets Jeong and tells her about the collaboration of the theatre. Jeong is concerned about her so much. Noh Sik was sitting for a meeting in the office, and he liked no one’s suggestion in the office regarding new ventures. On the other side, Noh’s wife was so tensed, and she also got some red marks on her hand.

Jeong sees Doo Hee. She was working late night, and she slept on the desk. She was seeing a dream about her mom and dad. She was crying in her sleep. Jeong also appears in her dream. She sees young Doo Hee crying, and he hugged her. Jeong made her understand that they didn’t leave her; she will be able to see them again.

Jeong takes her to a place where she sees her mom and dad along with Chairwoman Madam Ju. She was seeing that moment in her dreams, and she was feeling very happy. All this happened because of Jeong and his powers. Jeong says that if bringing her parents back was possible, he would certainly do it for her.

After that, Doo Hee wakes up, and Jeong was doing Christmas decorations. Both of them were going to the office before some Christmas shopping. After that, we see Mr. Park and Ms. Shin, Doo Hee’s manager, talking about marriage. Mr. Park gets back home, and he meets Jeong at home. Park was acting very crazy. Park gives a lunchbox to Jeong, which he wants Jeong to drop at Mirae, but he declines.

Joo Seak Hoon In 'My Demon' Actor Name

Jeong meets her theatre artist Jin. She was still mad. Jeong goes to a tarot card reader so that she can predict something for him. After that, we see Suk Min calls a woman and invites her for dinner. She also invites Doo Hee for family dinner. He says to Doo Hee to bring Jeong also.

Jeong sees a guy who was betting on horses. Jeong asks him if he wants some help or not. He decided to help him out. He gives a contract to that guy to sign. Black Suit Gang suddenly comes there, and they come to know that Jeong is a demon.

Jeong leaves the restaurant, and he gets some flowers for Doo Hee. Mr. Park goes to the office with that lunchbox. He gives that lunchbox to Ms. Shin. Both of them were blushing. Someone from the office sees them, so Park and Shin started acting like they hate each other.

Jeong gets some flowers for Doo Hee in the office. He says to Doo Hee that these flowers symbolize happiness. Noh’s wife was so sick. She opens the secret safe and takes out that green demon book. In the book, it was written that “WITHOUT POWERS, THE BODY OF A DEMON IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF A HUMAN.”

Noh Sik sees her, and he asks her that she comes to know about the passcode of the safe. She got so much scared. On the other side, Jeong and Doo Hee were getting ready for the family gathering. Jeong sees that red mark on Noh’s wife. Seak Hoon, Doo Hee, Jeong, Noh’s daughter everyone was present at the family gathering.

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My Demon Kdrama

Seak Hoon asks Noh Sik about his work. Noh Sik asks everyone to transfer all of their shares to Noh. Seak Hoon said he needs his share. Doo Hee got emotional, and Jeong says, “Family gatherings don’t end well.”

Jeong and Doo Hee were going back to home. On the other side, a raid takes place in Miare. That happened because of Noh Sin. Seak Hoon was very angry, and he said he will do everything to destroy him. Noh Sik makes a phone call to the board and dismisses Seak Hoon from the position of CEO.

Noh Sik challenges him, and let’s see who’s more powerful. On the other side, Jeong goes to bring that demon manual back. On the other side, Seak Hoon calls Doo Hee and tells her, “Noh Sik showed his true colors.” Doo Hee goes to Noh Sik; she was very angry. Doo Hee got emotional when Noh Sik said his mother’s world came to an end, now he will rule Mirae the way he wanted. Doo Hee solved the puzzle of that Noh Sik killed Madam Ju.

Noh Sik told her about her parents. They didn’t die in an accident; they were killed by Madam Ju. And Doo Hee got traumatized. On the other side, Noh Sik’s wife was admitted to the hospital. Jeong asks her about that green demon book. She was hiding about the book, and she said she doesn’t know about that book.

Noh Sik shows a recording to Doo Hee in that Madam Ju was talking to Doo Hee’s parents, and Noh was recording that moment. Doo Hee’s parents were saying about a deal. They came to meet Madam Ju, and Madam Ju replied, “You’re trying to blackmail me.” After that, Noh Sik says when her parents left, suddenly an accident happened.

Madam Ju was afraid of something, and she said Noh Sik is lying. When Jeong leaves the hospital room, Noh’s wife came and said Noh Sik killed his mom and son. On the other hand, Noh was trying to kill Doo Hee in the office, and Episode 13 ends.

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