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My Demon Episode 12 : Recap, Summary and Explained

My Demon Episode 12: My Demon is an ongoing fantasy adventure romantic Korean drama series, which is now streaming with 12 episodes. The show got so much love from fans that it’s on top in terms of viewership. We’ve posted a detailed explanation of all episodes; do check it out.

Episode 12 starts with Jeong seeing the same dream where he kills the love of his life. We can see the past story of Jeong perfectly; everyone calls him “Young Master.” Jeong was seeing the love of his life practicing with swords, and it was exactly looking like Doo Hee; her name was Seo Yi Sun.

Jeong was getting curious to know more about Seo Yi Sun. Both of them meet in a restaurant, and Jeong apologizes to her for being rude. The next day, Jeong wakes up early. Jeong was studying, and Seo sees that Jeong holds the book upside down. On the other side, Seo was practicing, and Seo also calls him “Young Master.” He gets the shoe of Seo, which was inside the river. Both of them were falling in love.

Seo starts telling her story to Jeong, Young Master motivates her for dance, Young Master gets her fireflies, a beautiful view is created, and suddenly Young Master proposes to her. Seo said they can’t get married. Young Master tells her that love can save lives. Young Master used to call Seo “Wolsim,” and both of them started studying together.

Young Master was ready to appear for state examinations for Wolsim. On the other side, someone complained to the Senior Master about the Young Master. Senior Master was thinking about the consequences that if Jeong continues to talk to that girl, then villagers will get angry, and they will kill everyone, so that girl must be sacrificed.

They took Wolsim from her house, and Young Master was on his way to save her, but he got late, and Wolsim was already dead; she died in front of Young Master. The Young Master got furious and started killing everyone. He was thirsty for revenge.

And suddenly Jeong wakes up from his sleep; it was his dream. This time Jeong doesn’t want Doo Hee to get killed because of him. Jeong was tensed after waking up. Doo Hee was happy to know that Jeong is getting his memory back. He told Doo Hee about Wolsim, and Jeong goes to meet the beggar woman again.

My Demon Kdrama Episode all
My Demon Kdrama

She also knew that Jeong unlocked his memories. She started saying anything about Doo Hee, and Jeong got angry. She said, “You’re turning into a human from a demon.” Jeong comes back to his house and meets Mr. Park. Park was also trying to explain Jeong about the tattoo and his powers. On the other side, Doo Hee was overthinking about Jeong and Wolsim.

Do Gyeong’s mother arrives at jail to meet him; she got emotional. She knew everything; then also, they sent their child to jail. Do Gyeong was so pissed off. Kim Se Ra picks up the call and suddenly falls from the window. On the other side, Seak Hoon meets Jeong. Doo Hee receives a call that No Do Gyeong is dead; he committed suicide in jail. Everyone gets there; Noh Seak was also there.

Doo Hee comes to him and says Gyeong was killed by the same person who killed Madam Ju, but Noh believes he committed suicide. Sunh was getting angry, and she started crying. Doo Hee was feeling suffocating there; she left with Jeong. Doo Hee goes to the grave and starts talking with Madam Ju. On the other side, Jeong was thinking about his dream.

Ga Yuong is about to start his powerful performance; she was leaving Director Jeong. Jeong and Doo Hee go together to Jeong’s theatre. Ga Yuong was feeling very emotional; Ga Yuong started her performance. While seeing Ga Yuong, Jeong resembled memories of Seo. Jeong felt emotional; he was telling Doo Hee that he killed people who loved him.

Doo Hee holds his hand, and they both promise a happy ending to each other. After that, one church scene comes, where one priest comes and begs help from the Lord. He says he saw the devil. After that, one scene was of Madam Ju when Jeong meets her, and Madam Ju sees Jeong took the life of one person. Jeong passes an evil smile, and Episode 12 ends.

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