My Demon Episode 11 :  My Demon is back on Netflix with its 11th episode. We have already updated you that this is going to be streamed late because it got delayed. It was supposed to stream last week, but the 11th episode arrived. Now, do check out our previous recaps on our site. There are more Korean show recaps available on our site. Stay tuned with us for more. Now let’s start with episode 11.

Episode 11 starts with Jeong coming out from that store where Doo Hee was gone, and the danger accident happened at that place. The store was on fire, but Jeong goes inside that store and saves Doo Hee. This is called love. The beggar woman sees everything from the clock tower.

The most shocking part is the tattoo is back on Jeong now, and Doo Hee was happy after seeing that. The next day Jeong wakes up and sees the view from his balcony, enjoying everything. Doo Hee takes Jeong to her wardrobe; she wanted Jeong to help her in choosing the outfit. Jeong was changing his outfits continuously with his powers, and Doo Hee desired one outfit that Jeong should wear, and he wore it.

Both of them go on a date. Jeong meets that beggar woman in her office again. Doo Hee was shocked to see that she’s also a demon. Doo Hee and Jeong go to the office together. On the other side, Noh Seok was planning something big. The Black Suit Gang comes back to Jeong, and they were praising Jeong so much because he’s their new boss. Jeong was feeling very powerful after getting his powers back.

Jeong’s manager was asking him again and again how his tattoo came back, but Jeong didn’t tell him the truth. Jeong’s theatre artist was still sad because she’s still so obsessed with him, but he wasn’t even there for her. Doo Hee was seeing a new presentation in her office for the upcoming ventures. Jeong goes to the clock tower and sees the view of the whole city; he was feeling very powerful.

Jeong starts again, goes to people to take their lives because he’s a demon. It’s his work, but this time he was thinking like a human. He was crying after seeing one old man and woman together. Jeong goes back to the clock tower again and gives himself hopes that he wasn’t crying.

Jeong goes back to the office and discusses something important with Doo Hee. Both of them leave the office, and they witness something crazy: Mr. Park and Doo Hee’s manager having an affair, and they didn’t tell anyone. Doo Hee and Jeong witnessed everything. They were on their way home; after reaching home, Jeong planned something romantic for Doo Hee. Both of them sleep, but Jeong was seeing some dreams related to his past.

Noh Seok Min In ‘My Demon’ Actor Name

Jeong goes back to the beggar woman again; she was telling him about love. Jeong goes to his theatre and sees his artist practicing. The next day, Noh Seok arrives at the office to meet Doo Hee, and he wants Doo Hee to expand Mirae F&B to America. Doo Hee wasn’t listening to him.

Noh wanted to solve all the previous problems; he came to offer a partnership to Doo Hee, but Doo Hee didn’t reply. At the same time, Jeong arrives. Noh already sensed that Jeong is back again with demonic powers. In the next scene, we can see the childhood of Doo Hee with the chairwoman. Both of them are smiling, enjoying each other’s company. Doo Hee shows that special photo frame to Jeong.

Jeong hugs her tightly; both of them feel so emotional. Seak Hoon arrives at the office to have a talk with Doo Hee. Seak Hoon also met Noh Sik before meeting her. Seak Hoon was tensed after meeting him.

Seak Hoon tries to sneak into one of the rooms of Noh; he witnessed something suspicious and said to Doo Hee that it was a green book in which the demon was written. And Noh saw that from CCTV that Seak Hoon called and told Doo Hee everything. On the other side, Noh was torturing his son just like the mysterious guy. Noh’s son also had those blood marks on his neck.

With his demon powers, Jeong takes Doo Hee to Noh’s house. Noh’s son goes to the police and says that he killed his own grandmother. Doo Hee also goes there and asks him if he killed Madam Ju or not. She wanted a clear answer; after that, he replied it wasn’t him. It was happening on someone’s order.

Gyeong was screaming at that place; Doo Hee got scared. Noh said to officials that he’s disappointed as a parent. Jeong, Seak Hoon, and Doo Hee meet, and Seak was also helping them out. Jeong and Seak Hoon go and grab a drink together. On the other side, Doo Hee meets Jeong’s artist; Jeong and Seak Hoon have a talk about Doo Hee.

"My Demon" Episode 6 :

Doo Hee was listening from Jeong’s artist how great guy Jeong is. Seak Hoon got too much drunk, and Jeong helps him to take him home.

Jeong and Doo Hee get home; both of them sleep. Jeong was again seeing a dream of the past. The beggar woman also told her that there is something related to his past. In the past, Jeong killed his love of life with his own hands. Suddenly, Jeong wakes up, and the episode 11 ends.

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These episodes took so many twists and turns. The next 12th episode is arriving tomorrow.



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