“My Demon” Episode 14: “My Demon” is an ongoing Netflix Korean Fantasy Thriller Romantic Drama series that revolves around the lives of two characters, Doo Doo Hee and Gyeong Ju Won. The show is doing extremely well on Netflix. We have posted recaps of all previous episodes; do check them out on our site as there is a lot to explore on “My Demon.”

Episode 14 starts with a small recap of Episode 13, where Noh’s wife reveals everything about Noh. On the other side, Noh was trying to kill Doo Hee. Suddenly, Jeong comes and saves Doo Hee.

Noh said to Jeong that he finally knew about his powers. If Jeong kills Noh, then both of them will go to hell. Noh’s wife goes to the police and tells them everything. Noh said he won’t do anything to Doo Hee but spare him and keep it a secret. And Noh committed suicide.

Noh’s sister came to know that Noh killed his own mom. Noh’s body was still missing, as per the news. Jeong also tried to find his body and healed Doo Hee with his powers. Seak Hoon goes to Doo Hee and Jeong and tells them how Noh used his family. Doo Hee told them about Noh, what he said about her family and Madam Ju.

Doo Hee goes to sleep, Jeong goes and sleeps next to her. In the next scene, we see the Church Father reading the newspaper in which Noh’s death news was there. The next day, everyone was panicking in the office, and there was a lot of crowd assembled near the office. Doo Hee and Jeong reached the office, Seak Hoon was sleeping, but suddenly, Jin visits him. Jin apologizes for what she said to Seak Hoon.

"My Demon" Episode 6 :

In the next scene, we see that the Black Suit Gang opened a restaurant named “Sunny Spot Rice Soup.” Kim goes to the office and gives that Green Demon Book to Jeong. Jeong asks her about Doo Hee’s parents, and Jeong was thinking about what exactly happened that night.

Mr. Park and Jeong were talking about Doo Hee’s parents, that Madam Ju killed them. It was getting complicated for Jeong.

Doo Hee turns on the laptop and sees the news of Noh Sik all over the internet. Then she searches for Mirae Group Electrical Industrial Accident. Doo Hee tries to solve that puzzle, and Shin tells Doo Hee that Madam Ju met Doo Hee at the funeral of her parents because Shin was working for Madam Ju for the last 20 years.

Jeong and Doo Hee were tensed. Doo Hee was thinking about what she should do now, and Jeong made her understand that Madam Ju loved her so much. Doo Hee says she has a way to listen to Madam Ju. Jeong and Doo Hee go to that Church and meet the priest, who’s known as Father Michael. He was close to Madam Ju.

Father Michael says to Jeong that he shouldn’t have come here. Doo Hee asks Father about Noh Sik. Father wanted Jeong to leave that place. Jeong goes outside the church, and Father says it’s finally the time came. He said Madam Ju wasn’t fully honest with her.

Father was telling Doo Hee about Madam Ju’s confession. After that, we see that Madam Ju was there with Doo Hee’s parents. For investment, Madam Ju tampered with the orders. Doo Hee’s father said to Madam Ju he would expose everything. Hee’s father wanted Madam Ju to take the responsibility, but Madam Ju was very angry. After that, her parents left the office.

Madam Ju was coming in a car behind them, both cars were over-speeding. Suddenly, their car crashes into a speed breaker. Hee’s father was getting a phone call from Doo Hee, and suddenly, Jeong comes from the front side, and he was the devil who took her parents’ lives. Madam Ju witnessed everything.

Jeong says to Mr. Hee that he made a deal with Jeong 10 years ago, and he dies. Jeong and Madam Ju come face to face. Jeong says to Madam Ju they will meet after 10 years. That was the day Madam Ju saw the devil. Since that day, Madam Ju was badly injured. On that day, she lost her leg. Father Michael told Doo Hee everything about the accident.

Mystery Man In 'My Demon'
Mystery Man In ‘My Demon’

When they were leaving, Father Michael was staring at Jeong. Doo Hee wasn’t telling everything to Jeong. Doo Hee was so tensed, and she was crying in the washroom. Jeong can hear Doo Hee crying outside the washroom. He was still waiting for her. Jeong was going outside to make a new deal. This time he goes to Father Michael in the middle of the night. Father Michael says to Jeong, “Your existence proves the existence of God.”

Father Michael says to Jeong to leave Doo Hee. Father tells Jeong about that incident because Jeong doesn’t remember that he met Madam Ju years ago, and he only killed Doo Hee’s parents. Jeong goes to the Clock Tower. He was feeling guilty. The Beggar woman comes at that place and tells Jeong recognizing someone after a long time really kills. After all, she’s also a demon.

Jeong gets back home, and he sees that Doo Hee isn’t at home. She was going to the graveside of Madam Ju. Jeong also goes there, but he leaves without knowing Doo Hee. Doo Hee says to Madam Ju that she needs to find out what kind of deal her father made with Jeong. Jin comes to meet Doo Hee, and she says she’s leaving Korea. This will be her last performance. Doo Hee meets Mr. Park, and she said she needs to talk something about Jeong in private.

Doo Hee goes to Jeong’s office. One lady suddenly comes to meet Jeong. She said she wanted to sign a new deal. Doo Hee was secretly seeing both of them. The lady was saying to Jeong she wants Jeong to spare her life, but Jeong took her life at that moment, and Doo Hee witnessed that.

She was shocked. Doo Hee sees Jeong’s Clock Room where everyone’s clock was there with everyone’s name written. The clock will decide at what time that person will die.

Jeong was coming near to Doo Hee, but Doo Hee takes a step back. Seak Hoon comes to pick Doo Hee, and Doo Hee was telling Seak Hoon that she loved Jeong with all of her heart. Jeong meets the Beggar Woman, but Jeong is a demon. It’s his job to take people’s lives.

Doo Hee was going back home, Jeong was waiting for Doo Hee outside the office. He asks Doo Hee for a walk. Doo Hee was faking a smile. Jeong asks her for a Christmas celebration together. Jeong suggested her “Save Yourself From Hell.” Jeong beautifully decorated the park trees for Doo Hee. Doo Hee was crying, and suddenly, Jeong disappears, and Episode 14 ended.

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