Monica O My Darling: “Monica O My Darling”, a new Netflix Original Film has been released follows a change of events after three men are being triple dated by the same woman who starts to blackmail them by saying that she’s pregnant and upon mutually deciding, the three men decide to kill that woman, Monica played by Huma Qureshi.

The film is a darkly comedic account that is hilarious and stands on great performances by the cast.

However, at the beginning of the film when Jayant played by Rajkummar Rao is awarded a board member seat, the films credit tells us that it is adapted from a Japanese Novel titled “Burūtasu No Shinzō”, also known as “Brutus Heart – Perfect Criminal Murder Relay” written by Keigo Higashino who is widely known for his mystery novels and if we specifically talk about “Burūtasu No Shinzō”, which has already been remade into a film that released in 2011 with the same name.

Keigo Higashino has been awarded numerous times for his novels and also served as the President Of Mystery Writers from 2009 to 2013.

His other notable books are The Devotion of Suspect X, Journey Under The Midnight Sun, Silent Parade, Tegami, and a whole lot more. He didn’t follow the same pattern for writing his novels since he admitted in an interview that he wanted his viewers to be continually surprised so he changed his writing style as well.

His other works have also been remade into films, J-Dramas and K-Dramas even, one French and one Chinese as well.



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